D Programming First Program Examples

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    Every program haveto accept a starting point. In D, this is the action called capital except for Windows GUI program s which uses WinMain. You haveto accept one of these functions to make a runnable application.



    In summary, the capital action can yield one of four formats ...

     int main() // Appliance authentic acknowledgment value, ignores command line

     int main(char args) // Appliance authentic acknowledgment value, uses command line

     void main() // allotment 0, ignores command line

     void main(char args) //returns 0, uses command line

     import std.stdio;

     void main()

    This program alone prints Accost World! on the console, followed by a newline and then exits. The first band imports the accepted library bore std.stdio. This bore defines the action writefln, which is acclimated to address to the accepted output. This program does not use the command band arguments and will acknowledgment aught to the operating system.

    You charge to abridge this to catechumen it to an executable program . First you save the antecedent cipher to a argument book that has the .d extention. Bold we alleged this book hw.d, actuality the way to abridge it using the DigitalMars compiler ...

     dmd hw.d

     import std.stdio;

     void main(char p_Args)


    This program prints out anniversary of the command band parameters. The altercation to capital is

     char p_Args

    which names the altercation as p_Args and declares its data blazon as char, which is a variable-length arrangement of UTF8 strings. This is adage that capital is anesthetized a set of aught or added appearance strings.

    The foreach account is a way to action anniversary of the elements in an array. In the architecture above, it names a acting capricious l_Arg that will accept anniversary aspect in about-face as the foreach moves through the arrangement p_Args. The acting capricious is scoped to the foreach block and appropriately cannot be apparent by cipher alfresco the foreach.

    The writefln action not alone writes out things to the console, it aswell allows you to architecture that output. The %s is a formating cipher that specifies area a consecutive altercation will arise in the animate output. In this case, if l_Arg contains abc then the achievement will be Altercation abc.

    This heavily annotated archetype highlights some of the enhancements over C++.

     #!/usr/bin/dmd -run

     / / To compile:

     dmd hello.d

     or to optimize:

     dmd -O -inline -release hello.d

     or to get generated documentation:

     dmd hello.d -D

     import std.stdio; // References to frequently acclimated I/O routines.

void main(char args) // abandoned actuality agency acknowledgment 0 by default.


     // Nested structs, classes and functions!

struct specs


     // Agenda that declarations apprehend right-to-left.

     // So that char reads as an arrangement of an arrangement of chars.


     specs argspecs(char args)

     // Alternative (built-in) action contracts.




     // congenital cord and accepted cord operations, eg. ~ is concatenate.

char argcmsg = argc = %d;

     char allocmsg = allocated = %d;

     writefln(argcmsg ~ , ~ allocmsg,



     / Food a individual command band argument.

     class CmdLin



     / params:

     argc = cardinal calculation of this argument.

     argv = argument of the parameter


     ~this() /// Item destructor


     int argnum() /// A acreage that allotment arg number


     char argv() /// A acreage that allotment arg text


     wchar suffix() /// A acreage that allotment cardinal suffix


     return suffix;



     // Chic invariant, things that haveto be true afterwards any adjustment is run.





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