Electronics Registers

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    Registers can move two types of agenda advice alongside and serial. Registers aswell accept to basal means of affective it FIFO and LIFO. The simplest annals is a FIFO that is alone one akin abysmal and one bit wide. Basically a individual D Blazon Flip/Flop.

    A FIFO (First In First Out) is a agenda accessory that moves data in the aforementioned way a que would. The first block of advice in is confused over as added is loaded in abaft it. This continues until it is pushed out the end. Like a grocery line.

    A LIFO (Last In First Out) is a like a FIFO alone the data comes out in the about-face adjustment it came in.

    Parallel Registers yield in mulitple $.25 at a time.

    Shift Registers are the simplest consecutive interfaces. They yield consecutive data in one bit at a time and catechumen it to alongside anatomy or the additional way around. The first way is Consecutive In Alongside Out and the ladder is Alongside In Consecutive Out. About-face Registers are acclimated to create beyond accompaniment machines like counters and UARTs.



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