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Pruning Your Acclaim Plants

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 31 December 18:00   

    Pruning Your Acclaim Plants   by Robert Roy

    Pruning Your Orchid

    The flowers accept all died and if should you cut the axis aback and how far?

    Pruning an acclaim axis (spike) should couldcause no abuse to

    the plant. However, some orchids will aftermath new blossom shoots

    from the nodes on the old bloom stalk, or some plants will

    produce baby baby ish plants (pups) from these nodes. The new plants

    may be removed and abridged afterwards they advance roots. Of course,

    some orchids do neither of these things. In either case, it doesn t

    hurt the bulb if you abolish the old blossom stalk; you may just absence

    some new blossoms or a baby ish plant.

    Once the axis turns chicken or brown, it is accessible that no blossoms

    or plants will be produced. You can then cut it to aural an inch

    from area the bloom axis originated on the plant. You can aswell

    cut it there if it is blooming if you don t apperception accident abeyant

    blossoms. Addition advantage is to just abolish the end of the bloom

    stalk to abbreviate the stalk, but absorb abundant so that it may blossom

    again. If you do this, cut it aback to about 1/4 inch aloft a bulge

    (indicated by a baby leaf-like blade clasping the stalk).



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