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Chinese Plants

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 31 December 18:00   

     Chinese Plants   by Wong Yee Lee

     Chinese Plants

     Chinese humans amount copse and flowers as abundant as westerners do.

    Plum flowers are ambrosial and beautiful. They were already the civic flower. On the RMB50 cents bill you can see asset flowers on the side.

    Chrysanthemum flowers symbolizes a able life. It is acceptable to accord old humans chrysanthemum flowers because it agency able life. However, alone red ones would be acceptable because white and ablaze chicken ones are acclimated alone at funerals. Lovers do not accord chrysanthemum to their admired ones.

    Narcissus, lotus flowers and acclaim are flowers which represent top virtues and elegance.

    Orchid blossoms in bounce and it brings an air of top chic respectfulness.

    Narcissus blossoms in winter. White flowers of 5 ledals and chicken stamen abound in authentic water. It represents a faculty of purity.

    Lotus flowers abound in pond water. Its roots are edible. Its flowers bloom in summer and are either red or white. The seeds are aswell comestible and are generally acclimated as medicine. About every allotment of a lotus bulb is advantageous admitting it grows in addled pond water. That is aswell why it is compared to humans who administer to accomplish auspiciously in activity admitting appear from a beneath authority background.

    Azalae flowers represents breeding and wealth. You can acquisition azalea on RMB1 coins.

    Peach flowers bloom in spring. It represents admirable girls. In Chinese attitude at Chinese New Year, humans who wish to acquisition adulation will usually buy a accomplished bulb and put it home because this will accompany them luck in award adulation in the advancing year.

    Pomegranate gives actual admirable flowers. Its bake-apple is acerb but contains a lot of seeds inside. In Chinese tradition, humans put this bake-apple on the bed of the anew weds so as to advice the anew weds to create some babies.

    Maple copse in Ceramics represents old humans who don t accept that they are old because these copse blossoms in autumn which is abreast the end of a year.

    Lilac in Ceramics represents modesty, which is one of the virtues that Chinese humans value

    Other than the above, there are some flowers which accept alleviative values. Asset flowers can cure heat, ahem and diarrhea; chrysanthemum can cure cold; acclaim can cure lung ache and coughs; lotus flowers can cure sunstroke, indisposition and claret vomiting; azalea can adapt changeable menstruation; narcissus and Chinese rose can abolish bruises; account can abolish bruises and deliquesce phlegm.

    What about giving presents?

    When birthdays or aperture a business, red Chinese rose or amethyst flowers would be acceptable because this represents affluent future.

    For old people, asset flowers or tuberose would be appropriate.

    For patients, orchid, you can buy Ceramics blush bamboo.

    For affective houses, you can buy asparagus fern.

    For wedding, you can buy afraid because in Ceramics it represents hundred years of love. Afraid is aswell acceptable for accompany which agency unity.

    However there are aswell plants which backpack abasing meanings.

    Poplar flowers can be calmly destroyed broken. It represents a woman who is not faithful.

    Broad-leave epiphyllum flowers are appealing but they accessible just for one night. It can be calmly accepted that they represent shortness.

    Duckweed floats on the apparent of water. It has no roots and floats anywhere. Back the Chinese nation ethics ancestors and its unity, things which do not accept roots would be pitiful.

    Thistles and thorns accompany humans pain. They represent difficulties.

    Do you understand added about what to accompany to your Chinese acquaintance next time? Maybe now you can be added assured if allurement your Chinese lover out for a date.;-)



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