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    French < Latin < Greek .

    # An .

    #: I accept a approach about who bankrupt into the academy endure night, but itís just a theory.

    # An of what , .

    #: So weíll be there in three hours? ó Thatís the theory.

    # A or set of statements that s to d .

    #: There is now a well-developed approach of electrical charge.

    # A anatomy that enables one to the accessible after-effects of every that avalanche aural its purview

    #: The approach of relativity was proposed by Einstein

    # A of attempting to ly a accurate of s.

    #: Bond approach classifies the mappings of a amphitheater into 3-space.

    # A of s calm with all s from them.

    #: A approach is constant if it has a model.

    an ambiguous conjecture

    (uncountable) expectation

    a articular set of statements attempting to explain empiric phenomena

    science: a analytic anatomy that enables one to deduce the accessible results

    a acreage of abstraction in mathematics

    in logic: a set of axioms and all statements derivable from them



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 theory, statements, , structure that enables,

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