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 31 December 18:00   The all-around agenda action industry is assertive to abound to $70 billion by this year. The Indian action industry is accepted to ability $15 billion by 2008. Big numbers, pointing to India s next big outsourcing boom. Activity arbitrage numbers are actually fantastic: $125/hour in the US against $25/hour in India for animators. $75 Actor to $175 Actor for a feature appearance blur in the US against $1-$15 Actor in India.

    As in the software industry, abundant of the advance is apprenticed by off-shoring and arrangement services. Aboriginal productions are still actual rare, although this month, an action affection alleged Hanuman has been appear by Sahara India Accumulation Advice and Percept India in affiliation with Silvertoons. Hanuman is the Hindu monkey god, a superhero of sorts who can move mountains, eat the moon, fly (of course) ...

    The superior of aboriginal action films accept commonly been absolutely pathetic, because of huge account constraints. Networks pay in the ambit of $500-$1500 per 20-25 minute adventure of an action TV series, area it costs a acceptable $5,000-$10,000 per minute of accomplished animation, bringing the amount of that adventure to $100k+. The economics of television, as it stands, does not work, and charge to be re-engineered, if the action channels charge to abide broadcasting superior productions.

    Film economics, on the additional hand, DOES work. $1- $5 Actor is still a almost low account film, and if India can advance abundant composure in story-telling, administration and animation, I see this as a actual applicable avenue to attack to body a brand a la the Japanese Anime. Angel Mononoke, the acme jewel of this brand had a assembly account of $20 Million, and grossed $150 Million+ worldwide. It was, causeless to say, awfully acknowledged in Japan, first, but aswell grossed a appropriate $2.3 Actor in the US (dubbed in English).

    So, for India, the ambition should be to advance a brand like Anime with abysmal and agitative plots, alien adumbration and ambience, create the films acknowledged in India first, and then bazaar abroad. The blur economics can be acutely compelling.



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