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Elina Fedotova: Top Derma Affliction

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 31 December 18:00   

    Elina Fedotova: Top Derma Care   by Boyd Martin

    Immigrating to the U.S. from Russia with her bedmate in 1991, Elina Fedotova begin herself absolutely in the average of the Abysmal South. "When I came over to Mississippi, no one knew what a bloom aliment abundance was. I couldn t even buy chamomile tea!" Elina said, with a light, communicable laugh. "Of course, that was afore the big accustomed revolution. Now it s everywhere."

    As her husband, Igor Fedotov--a acclaim viola player--followed career opportunities, they concluded up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, area a music captain opened up at the Western Michigan University. Elina hit the arena running, converting a absorbing abode into a laboratory/spa for her ameliorative derma treatments and research.

    Elina accomplished in Moscow in herbology and corrective allure at a centermost of accustomed healing in Moscow specializing in problem derma altitude using herbal therapy. Repulsed by what she begin in avant-garde corrective additive lists, Elina create it her mission to aftermath able derma affliction articles using alone accustomed herbs and carefully non-toxic substances.

    As her analysis progressed, Elina apparent liposome encapsulation during her studies in Sweden. Liposomes are diminutive scientifically-created spheroids of blubbery acids with water-based solutions inside. These tiny spheres are accustomed absolutely through the skin, area water-only solutions, or oil-based substances cannot penetrate. This is because the derma has what is accepted as a "phospholipid" membrane. This affectionate of barrier uses one of Attributes s absolute strategies for protection: oil vs. water. Beneath a microscope, phospholipids accept a tiny water-containing orb, followed by a appendage composed of blubbery oils, or lipids, pulled calm by molecules of phosphorous. These phospholipids band up appendage to tail, against oil because of their baptize content, and against baptize because of their oil content. The abstraction is to put an herbal blueprint into the phospholipid s orb, or "carrier bowl." If derma acquaintance is made, these herbal phospholipids anon access all layers of the skin.

    "My articles are absolutely transdermal," cites Elina. "They go through the derma into the cellular level, and they can absolutely appulse the collagen. The majority of articles on the bazaar are not transdermal, and because of that they can t accept any austere effect. The derma is a careful organ, attention you from everything--including cosmetics and derma care. Alotof articles cannot access abysmal enough. If they can t get beneath the apparent there is little effect. The majority of derma problems appear at the collagen level. If you don t accord abutment at that level, you don t absolutely get any anti-aging effect."

    Because this transdermal acreage of phospholipids is scientifically well-known, some companies create the transdermal affirmation when, in fact, all they accept done is cover outsourced apparent liposomes in the blueprint as a separate ingredient. Thus, the blueprint never infact makes it through all layers of the skin. "They just put it in the formula--like, one percent or two percent--like an alive ingredient--into their artificial formulation. It s like bubbler one teaspoon of coffee in a bottle of water." muses Elina. "My liposomes are accustomed the absolute alloy of the blueprint listed on the label, so that s a absolutely altered effect. If you use a artefact like that over and over on the face, close and body, you can yield a claret analysis and acquisition the herbs from the products. Because of that, I don t anytime use any baneful preservatives. I use accustomed ones. All of my articles are blurred with 100% soybean phospholipids, so I don t use any additional emulsifiers. It s a actual bound encapsulation that gives the acceptable transdermal effect. Liposomes are like little carrier bowls. If you attending at my articles beneath a microscope you ll see them as actual bound and small."

    Bioenergized by Basic Force

    After analytic the derma assimilation issue, Elina took her formulas to a accomplished additional level, using Dr. Yury Kronn s Basic Force attenuate activity technology (the aforementioned technology acclimated by articles on this website). "I beatific Dr. Yury some of the capacity from my formulas to cull off the energies in anniversary one," says Elina. "I then put those energies in with the blueprint and it makes it a hundred times added active. Anniversary of my articles has a blueprint of several energies."

    Elina aswell treats hormonal derma problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. "You can t access it topically only. So Dr. Yury s ionic mineral formulas for centralized use, I acquisition very, actual helpful. I created protocols using my contemporary articles and his minerals for centralized use. I am the alone aggregation accomplishing transdermal-bio-energized products. I am different in that area."

    At Elina s clinic, she offers a advanced arrangement of services: comestible counseling, hot rock massage, craniosacral work, manicures and pedicures, herbal physique rubs, alkali glows, algid lasers, and will anon be accomplishing consultations using such accessories as "EAV" or Vega Testing. "We will accept aggregate a any spa has. We don t yield the derma as a separate allotment of the body. We amusement the accomplished person. Humans initially appear to us with derma problems, but there is usually something abroad traveling on. We accept some audience that just wish to be admirable naturally--not with artificial surgery"

    Elina has audience from ages 2 to 92. Parents accompany their accouchement with derma problems and allergies, and although alotof of her audience are women, Elina aswell has a program for hair accident in men.

    When asked what she feels is the Amount 1 bloom problem in America, Elina says, "Diet. Because the derma is an eliminating organ. If you toxify the body, it s traveling to appear through the skin. The majority of derma problems are accompanying to abnormal diet. I try to animate my audience to abstain foods that are abundantly candy and top in fat and yeast. For example, even if you break on a yeast-free diet for a week, rosacea and acne--just from diet--will see a difference."

    Elina is acceptable in exporting her well-earned knowledge. "For those humans or businesses who wish to use my products, I will alternation them for free," She say. "I will appearance them how to create their own masks and analysis products. But what I ve begin is that if those humans are anxious mostly about profit, it never seems to work. However, if anyone comes from a airy or admiring place, it is consistently successful. So I m consistently searching for humans who are healers, who accept some depth. They are the best ones to plan with."




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