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    When you first see acquisition in Pro/Engineer Bonfire you ability discount it or admiration what it is for? It is an change of the acquisition in archetypal timberline action which has been about back the archetypal timberline was introduced. (version 18 or 20)

    In bonfire the acquisition command takes on a added advantageous role. The acquisition apparatus aswell replaces the functionality of the old SEL BY Card Card e.g. baddest endure feature, baddest by ID.

    On its own the acquisition command is not apple ballyhoo anarchy but it is one those accessories that is apparently absolutely arid like a can opener but aswell absolutely useful. If it is arid you are absurd to see it covered appropriately on training courses, in magazines or on web pages.

    The acquisition apparatus is added advantageous in Bonfire because it has two modes first approach is:- An absolute apparatus for award appearance or apparatus by name, cachet etc. The additional mode:- is anchored into functions such as simplified reps.

    Once a set of appearance or apparatus accept been begin and the Acquisition chat the items are called which agency they can be acted on e.g. delete, abolish etc. To baddest items specify the seek belief bang Acquisition Now and then bang OK to abutting the acquisition dialogue. All the begin items will be accent and accessible to be edited.

    Alternatively the concern can be adored as band so all the begin items are added to a layer.

    A added circuitous seek can be congenital by architecture a concern area a alternation of seek belief haveto be satisfied. The belief are affiliated by and/or conditions.

    Find is aswell anchored into functions such as simplified rep, basic display. In these functions the acquisition can be acclimated to baddest a set of apparatus or ascertain a aphorism so apparatus are called anniversary time the archetypal is regenerated.

    Library parts

    _screw, _nut

    or if you analyze library locations with ambit (e.g. Part_type=library) you can baddest them using an announcement rule.

    See fig 1

    Tab Types of searches you can do Practical Uses

    Attributes Part name Finding a specific part

     Type Select appearance by blazon e.g. baddest all holes

     Expression Selecting locations by constant ethics e.g. Architect = Apogee Parts

     Size Removing baby locations from simplified reps


    History ID


     Last Feat

     Failed Feat


    Staus Regeneration Use to acquisition all suppressed appearance or packaged components

     Layer Find all locations appearance on layers



     Copied Refs

    Anyone using the acquisition action will anon see how able and adjustable it is.

    The Acquisition or seek can be agitated on the accepted assembly, the sub accumulation or part. The blazon of account getting searched for can be defined as able-bodied e.g. Feature, Part, accomplishment etc

    The options Card has added choices to clothier the concern e.g.

    filter the archetypal timberline so alone the begin items are displayed,

    Highlight the begin items in the cartoon area.

    Build circuitous queries that using added than one seek criteria.

    Change the array adjustment of the results.

    The ĎFindí is a able apparatus and is can be advantageous if alive on ample assemblies. Like all tools, time is appropriate to apprentice the apparatus and itís capabilities. The time investment will be advantageous because of the added productivity.



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