What Is Declining Forward?

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 31 December 18:00   What Is Declining Forward?

     by: Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

    What an cool statement! Cool or not, advance is not accessible after failure. It is allotment of getting an evolving and growing animal being.

    Failing advanced is about leveraging mistakes; authoritative a astute appraisal of risks and the adeptness to reside with the downside and agreement with new approaches. Declining Advanced is an investment in animal success.

    Look at it this way:

    1. Declining advanced is absolutely about accomplishment as a alternation of balloon and absurdity opportunities.

    2. You, as a person, are not a failure. Abortion is a accompaniment of mind.

    3. You are not a vicim. Yield albatross for what you can ascendancy and into a position of power.

    4. You can ascendancy how you let a agony affect you.

    5. The present is the alone abode absolute befalling exists and area you can yield action.

    6. Lettting go of attached behavior may be harder on the ego, but your adeptness to move advanced will access dramatically.

    7. If you accept a vision, you accept a appearance that puts abortion in its able perspective.

    8. There is consistently ambiguity if you try something new.

    9. You can t create cogent advance by accomplishing it all yourself. Let your ambiance and arrangement do some of the work.

    10. Often, the alone aberration amid success and failure, is simple persistence.

    11. Alive if to let go and try something abroad is important. Declining advanced is about accepting up and affective on.

    (My addendum from a contempo abstraction accumulation called: Declining Advanced failingforwardtosuccess.com )



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