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Auto Sales Collapse In 2006, Is Angel Declining?

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 31 December 18:00   According to Bloomberg, at atomic two out of the Big 3 USA automakers are accepting austere problems this year. GM is estimated to appearance a sales access in August over endure year, but the primary couldcause is anticipation to be a cogent curtailment in account during 2005 rather than able-bodied sales after-effects this year. According to absolute analysts, Fords sales will be down from 10% to 15% for the ages of August compared to 2005, while Chryslers sales are estimated to be down anywhere from 8 to 15%. Both are experiencing cogent declines for the absolute year. Chryslers Auto band of cars is experiencing a ample abatement this year, which has to be adverse to Chrysler high management!

    The Auto band historically has been somewhat of a colonnade of sales backbone for Chrysler, but 2006 is seeing an barring to this. According to Chrysler, sales of the Wrangler, Liberty, and Admirable Cherokee are all down essentially from 2005. Chrysler appear that through July 31, 2006 year-to-date Wrangler sales were down 17%, Alternative sales were down 23% and Admirable Cherokee sales were down 37% if compared to 2005 sales! sales for July 2006 were down 32% for the Wrangler, 52% for the Liberty, and 58% for the Admirable Cherokee. These are huge declines and one haveto admiration just what is fueling the drop. It has gotten bad abundant that Chrysler has afresh appear a big auction for their new Wrangler on September 1, 2006. See added data at

    Can the huge abatement in year-to-date sales for 2006 be due to Chrysler not decidedly acclamation ammunition abridgement in its Auto offerings? Are the latest Auto additions, the Administrator and Compass, bistro into Admirable Cherokee and Alternative sales ? Are these drops to accusation on endure years huge allurement programs? Did Chrysler absence the mark with its new adaptation of the Wrangler? Or is the Auto name accident some of its trading power?

    Fuel abridgement has become a above basic of car affairs decisions and this could be affliction Admirable Cherokee numbers, but, Toyota did not see declines in the auction of its competitors to the Alternative and Admirable Cherokee. The RAV4 saw its sales angled compared to 2005, and 4Runner sales added 4.4% over July 2005. Honda aswell appear sales assets in July of 6.8% in its trucks category, which includes SUVs. So the altercation for ammunition abridgement getting a above contributor to the abatement would arise to be a anemic one.

    Cannibalization could explain some of the decline, at atomic for the Admirable Cherokee, but that still wouldnt explain the huge bead for all three vehicles. The Ambit has alone been out a abbreviate while and during July it was appear that alone 707 were sold. The Administrator numbers do arise to be acceptable and they could explain some of the bead in the Admirable Cherokee numbers.

    The allurement program hangover may aswell explain some of the abatement but absolutely not all of it. Already afresh sales numbers were up for Toyota and Honda. Wouldnt they be experiencing some affects from the above allurement programs of 2005? If they are not activity the pain, why is Chrysler?

    The critics all accepted the new Wrangler and the accepted association seems to accept accepted it as well, at atomic in the altercation forums and such, if not at dealerships by affairs the new model. Ammunition economy, sales cannibalization and allurement program hangover may be accidental factors to crumbling sales, but it seems that there has to be added to explain the admeasurement of the decline, abnormally in the face of Toyota and Hondas performances.

    Could these declines be explained by a adulterated and crumbling image? The Auto angel has absolutely been blah this year with the huge anamnesis of the Liberty, and, the foreground anchor problems and consistent action with the Admirable Cherokee. Its harder to advertise based on superior if youre abandoning 800,000 vehicles. Critics bombing the new Compass, Chryslers latest Auto addition, hasnt helped the brands angel either. In the contempo accomplished some experts speculated that Chrysler would abate the Auto name with the accession of the added ancestors aggressive vehicles, the Liberty, Administrator and Compass, and appropriate now it would be harder to altercate with this position. Chrysler seems to accept gotten appealing far abroad from its actual acknowledged Aisle Rated attack with the Compass. To add insult to injury, the Dr. Z. commercial attack has reportedly been a bust.

    We may not accept all of the specifics, but the Auto angel and cast character accept apparent some accident with the superior issues (see Admirable Cherokee anchor affair and Alternative recall) and the beneath than aflame accession to its latest addition. It would assume that this may infact be what has advance to Jeeps crumbling sales. Accepted Chrysler administration had bigger get to the basal of their superior issues and apprentice how to administer the cast added effectively, or accident accident Jeeps admirable business power!

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