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 31 December 18:00   Competition, deregulation, and action are all acute to South Africas alley to a true broadband infrastructure.

    AS of this year, SA had some 67 000 ADSL subscribers. This represents about 0.4% of the common total, and supports the account that SA remains, and will remain, way abaft the blow of the apple for a continued time to come.

    Broadband assimilation in households varies globally, with Korea getting the apple baton with a assimilation of 68%, the USA accepting 28%, and the UK 16%. SA shamefully has a broadband domiciliary assimilation of 0.3%. The catechism airish actuality is why South Africa is so far abaft The acknowledgment lies not, in the dearth of the technology, but artlessly in the pricing. Some humans anticipate that Telkom s ADSL band-aid is one-step afterpiece to a true broadband band-aid in this country. However, some industry specialists disagree.

    "Telkom s ADSL offerings are great; about they just amount too much, and are not applicable solutions for some home users," says Dave Gale, business development administrator at Storm. South Africa s broadband costs may be the base of all-around jokes, but to bounded users, abnormally individuals, schools, baby businesses and accepted ADSL users, the affordability agency just makes one s claret boil, says Michelle Branco; product-marketing administrator at Internet Solutions.

    South African Broadband

    According to Elia Tsouros, an controlling at UUNET, the broadband assimilation in SA is bottomless compared to that of additional countries. One accidental agency is Telkom s appraisement structure, and, the actuality that SA is so large, and has such a broadcast population. The ramifications are all-inclusive - a slowing down of broadband uptake; a barrier for educational institutions; limitation for learners to accretion admission to the Internet; poor acknowledgment times for researchers; bound business and business opportunities and the account goes on.

    The absence of a broad accessories leasing administration for ADSL in South Africa makes it difficult for ISPs to get a cogent allocation of the ADSL revenue. ISPs are not advantaged to ADSL band rentals at broad prices, and appropriately subscribers accept to hire the band anon from the incumbent, Telkom.

    This then added negates the befalling for ISPs to array value-added offerings, such as video and articulation casework with the ADSL line. Accompanying with the top amount of band rentals is that of all-embracing bandwidth. Telkom all-embracing bandwidth accuse on the SAT-3 cable are actual high, and it is accepted ability that even admitting both Telkom and British Telecoms acquirement their bandwidth from the aforementioned supplier; Telkom marks up its costs by 80%, and British Telecoms by alone 20%. Roman Hogh, artefact development administrator at M-Web Business, says that Icasa should accept the ability to analysis how abundant Telkom accuse for the cable.

    Solutions On the Horizon

    At present in SA, broadband is still accounted by the majority as ADSL, even admitting there are additional wireless solutions accessible in the market, such as Sentech s My Wireless, Wireless Business Band-aid s (WBS) iBurst, and cellular solutions like 3G, Bend and GPRS. All of the industry players say that in adjustment to get this country on the alley to true broadband , we charge competition. According to Gale, just accepting a additional arrangement abettor will not cut it. "When the SNO comes into play it will be piggybacking on Telkom s basement for the first brace of months, so it will not advice abundant in agreement of accretion our bulk of broadband . According to Tsouros, the SNO will be able to use up to 15% of Telkom s accepted infrastructure. Gale does about say that the SNO will be aggressive with Telkom over barter - the aftereffect getting a amount war.

    Fusion Reactor director, Admission Jackson, says that the actuality that Telkom is the alone aggregation that can self-provision is putting a dampener on the alley to true broadband . "Should ISPs be able to self-provision there will be abundant added competition," he says.

    He goes on to say the ISPs accept to accord with Telkom whether they like it or not, and at the end of the day, although they are abacus some array of value-added casework to the client, the abject band-aid costs are abased on Telkom.

    What are the alternatives?

    Unfortunately, we do not accept a best if it comes to active broadband solutions. However, we do accept a few alternatives if it comes to the wireless space. Sue Richardson, Gartner analyst, comments, "In European countries that already accept able fixed-line broadband solutions, wireless technologies such as WiMax accompaniment the fixed-line solutions. In SA these wireless solutions could be apparent as an alternative.

    She went on to say; SA s geographic bearings is unique. "Fixed curve are currently not accessible in some locations of SA, and a band-aid such as WiMax agency that humans active in these areas will accept some array of Internet connectivity".

    Chris Norton, country administrator for Citrix, believes that wireless broadband makes added faculty than a active solution. "A active band-aid is point to point," he says. "In additional words a user has to be sitting in his or her appointment in adjustment to create use of the broadband solution. However, added and added advisers are adopting the adaptable appointment avenue . Corporates are still a little skeptical, if it comes to users alive out of the appointment - abnormally if it comes to security. However, in the abreast future, added and added corporates will be adopting the wireless route. Wireless solutions could absolutely be an another to fixed-line solutions in South Africa.

     He connected to say, "Presently, if we yield a technology such as WBS s iBurst; it is advertised that it has a alteration amount of 1Mb. This sounds absolutely a lot. However, what humans do not realise is this is just a access acceleration (or the best alteration acceleration a user will get) but they will not accept this all of the time." Norton believes that 3G is the broadband band-aid of the future. "If you anticipate about it, the basement is already in place, and, although 3G advantage is still rather limited; adaptable players are the ones with the money; and because of this, 3G will advance the quickest.

    Brighter Approaching Foreseen

    The approaching can alone get better! South Africa has to jack itself up to all-embracing standards - abnormally in appearance of the Soccer Apple Cup in 2010. Jackson says, The accepted appearance out there is to get our broadband up to all-embracing standards and that we charge to acquaint a lot added competition.

    Industry specialists still accept that besides the addition of added telecom operators: absolute ISPs should be granted, self-provisioning rights. According to Michelle Branco, SA will chase all-embracing broadband trends, in that ADSL will abide to annual for the majority of all broadband access in the accountable future, but it will accept able contenders in the cellular and wireless fields.

    Looking at broadband access in SA added carefully it is axiomatic that ADSL is currently the broadband admission average of best as it accounts for 79% of all broadband connections; whilst cellular wireless accounts for 9%, and the additional wireless connections, like MyWireless and iBurst, annual for 12%. Download speeds will abide to increase, and prices will abatement by an estimated 50% in the next two years.

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