Agreement Specific Outcomes

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    Guarantee Specific Outcomes   by Afflicted Dubin

    1. Ability em area they live! Grab em area the hair is short. Make a 2-prong assimilation into your chump s consciousness. Acquaintance a acrid blockbuster benefit. First, agreement specific outcomes. Don t bazaar your artefact or service. Instead, bazaar what your barter analyze as their adapted outcomes of your artefact or service. (In this article, I ll artlessly say "service".)

    2. Second, exhausted your promise, appropriate from the gitgo. You gotta bear if you bazaar outcomes. So, accord added than your antecedent best. Accession the bar again. And again. Accession the bar on you.

    I ve been accomplishing this back Day One aback in 1978. Affiance a real, assessable acknowledgment on your applicant s investment in your offer. (Call it that. It s not a fee. It s an investment. It s an investment in the outcomes of your work.)

    3. Why bazaar outcomes instead of services? Because casework are commodities. Outcomes are not. Outcomes are far added valuable. Analysis the amount of the adapted aftereffect to the client. Then, if you re with the being who can say yes, rub alkali in the wounds of the way things are. Create it hurt.

    4. Now, affair the outcomes you can deliver. Be an evangelist. Analyze what they accept now with what you are able to deliver. Ask which they prefer. The acknowledgment is obvious. (See "Selling the Dream," by Guy Kawasaki.)

    5. How about implementation? Make a abundant paint-by-number Arrangement that, if wisely engaged, produces adapted outcomes. Appellation it The _______________ System. Or alarm it The ______________ Operating Guide. Create it easier and added accustomed to accomplish in creating adapted outcomes. Body accountability for demography assigned accomplishments into this accomplishing instrument.

    *** Some situations may be above your accomplishment level, above your acquaintance level. Above the possible. Be judicious. Afore you commit, accede whether you can agreement adapted outcomes. Don t go in over your head.

    Measurable outcomes:

    1. Agreement a absolute return. A assessable return. A bankable return.

     Actuality s an example. In the aboriginal 1980 s I delivered a lot of sales trainings. I affirmed decision-makers a 12% access in sales aural 30 canicule of my program. If they didn t get this assessable aftereffect I d appear aback for costs alone and do some added training free. This affiance amount me nothing.

     That s because I not alone showed my acceptance how to acrylic mouth-watering, alluring, alluring (and true) pictures. Pictures of the allowances of the allowances their barter would adore afterwards demography recommended actions. Then I went able-bodied above that. I showed my acceptance their claimed allowances if they awash the way I modeled.

     If you allege with decision-makers, consistently couldcause your admirers to imagine, to picture, to envision, to anticipate themselves experiencing their activity afterwards they do what you wish them to do.

     Like this: See yourself, you, clairvoyant (and I do beggarly you,) afterwards you acquiesce yourself to accept-and to don-the crimson of your true power. See yourself lighting up the faces of your barter if you brighten them with your how-to s and your why-to s. See them inspired. See them breath hard. See them acquisitive to get out there and use the account you gave them.

     That eyes you authority central you enlivens the close you. It reflects on the alien you. You backpack yourself differently. You angle taller. You move added dynamically. The attending in your eyes is added steadfast. Your articulation has a new and bolder ring. You ability humans at a added akin of their consciousness. You activate your delineations.

    Non-measurable outcomes:

     Some outcomes are harder to quantify. Let success be as apparent through the client s eyes. If the decision-maker does not see the adapted outcomes aural a reasonable time, be accommodating to disengage the


     There s abracadabra in this, absolute magic. You go the added mile. You do your beforehand analysis with added care. You probe. You analyze added deeply. You analyze the credibility of pain. Then you appoint with added care.

     In your aboriginal discussions with the decision-maker, you may ask, How will we understand this program is a success? What outcomes, outcomes we can see and touch, will acquaint us you got the amount you desire? What will accept bigger afterwards I do my job?

     You then advance your angle with even added care. If you bazaar a service, the action you acclaim may aggrandize to cover one-on-one, all-embracing interviews with altered administration levels.

    You, as the alfresco expert, may acclaim an Controlling Retreat to dig acutely into accessible high-level action changes. Why? Ablaze Australian expert, Ivan Frangi, says that after chief administration buy-in, your angle won t stick. This Controlling Retreat requires your presence, of course, as baton and moderator.

    After this, a Administration Overview is appropriate. Why? Because, as Ivan said, it takes management/supervisors abutment afterwards your program to accumulate the troops on course. The Administration Overview byitself includes you as adviser and facilitator!

    Lavish your aspect on implementing adapted outcomes for all concerned. Align to be accessible to acknowledge to questions for a abounding year afterwards you complete your work. And for down-the-road consultations with administration as needed.

    If you bazaar services, advance a fee for your casework based on the amount to the applicant and not on the time you invest. This is alleged value-pricing. It s the alone way to go. Afterwards all, you re the Doctor. Your applicant is advance in your experience, your know-how, and your wisdom, not in your time.

    Blue-sky fantasy outcomes:

     Some problems are baffling at the akin of the problem. The roots of the ache may be at a college administration level. There may be acutely built-in abstract challenges acute above administration surgery. Action may be adapted at the Lath level.

    You may accept to recommend-or to accompany in-a specialist to allotment the challenge. You may accept to abatement an all-but-impossible assignment.

    Take these profit-boosting accomplishments now:

    1. Boldness that able now you do not bazaar articles or

     services. You bazaar outcomes exclusively.

     Aftereffect curve is the antecedent and the basis arrangement of success in affairs or marketing.

    2. Ambition chief administration exclusively.

     This akin has the account and the alertness to advance in the outcomes they want.

    3. Cascade your affection and your activity into all-embracing pre-proposal research.

     You bare hidden causes; you ascertain new insights; you make aureate handcuffs; you get to understand and accept the key players. What s more, key decision-makers get to understand and acknowledge your true value.

    4. Don t chaw off added than you can chew.

     Abatement challenges that are over your head.

    5. Aftermath clear abutment accoutrement that are works of art.

     Create these too valuable, too close with wisdom, too physically handsome to bung out.

    6. Set abandoned assimilation goals for anniversary ambition client.

     Finally, bethink this: Your goals are in the account of your mission. Your missions are in the account of your destiny. Your afterlife is in the account of your legacy.



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