The Centre of our Existence!

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 31 December 18:00   

    The Centre of our Existence!   by Joseph Ghabi

    The Centre of Our Existence!

    Most of us accept heard allocution or accept apprehend something about the seven centers of energies that we accredit to as Chakras. I do accept these are actual important centres of our getting in agreement of our activity field, our aura, and alotof of all our own antithesis that can apparent into our concrete body.

    So what can we do about these energies and how can we antithesis these centres? You dont charge a top akin of ancestry but conceivably alone a few baby tips that can enhance your affiliation with the altered levels of these Chakras.

    These Chakras are usually associated with colors. Not artlessly to analyze them, or analyze them from anniversary other, but because colors on their own play on our affecting psyche. I alone plan with nine chakras instead of seven. I will go through the nine charkas and explain their characteristics.

    The characteristics of the Chakras, accepting formed with them for some years through my brainwork and healing, are represented as follows: We will alpha from the basal up.

    The Basis Chakra is the first Chakra amid on the abject of the spine, and its blush is "Red" and its accessory blush is "Black". Its characteristics are a accomplishments to the apple even actuality in a body. It holds the basal needs of stability, security, and survival. In our body, Basis Chakra physique locations cover the hips, legs, rectum, kidneys, bones, colon, and lower back. Any red or atramentous gemstones will advice alleviate and antithesis this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Garnet, Bittersweet as red, and begrimed quartz and atramentous for black.

    The Abdomen Chakra is the additional Chakra amid in the abdomen, and its blush is "Orange". Its characteristics are our sexuality, self-esteem, our own claimed power, and ability of the world. This Chakra accesses the lower akin of the affecting physique and houses ones unhealed close child. Close adolescent actuality are area the images of both this life, and accomplished activity traumas, are stored. The adeptness to let go of old affections is based in this Chakra. This is a actual able chakra. In our body, Abdomen Chakra physique locations cover the ovaries, vagina, genitals, uterus, lumbar spine, kidneys, bladder, and ample intestine. Any orange gemstones will alleviate and antithesis this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Carnelian (help in pregnancy), and Coral.

    The Solar Abdomen Chakra is the third Chakra amid in the stomach, and its blush is "Yellow". Its characteristics are the acquainted and rational mind. Our self-confidence, claimed power, and intuition is embodied here. Business, algebraic sense, and actual acquirements adeptness are focused actuality as able-bodied as self-empowerment and our will. Our close adolescent as allotment of our Body is housed there and that can advice to accompany us our adaptation tools. Solar Abdomen physique locations cover the stomach, bladder, pancreas, baby intestine, liver, and acrimony bladder. Any chicken gemstones will alleviate and antithesis this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Citrine or Chicken Sapphire.

    The Affection Chakra is the fourth Chakra amid in the heart, and its blush is either "Green" and as accessory blush "Pink" awaiting on the persona accompaniment of mind. Blush will represent alluvial adulation and that the being is searching for love. Blooming is added accepted and actual adulation for cocky and for altruism as a beggarly of compassion. Its characteristics are that it is actual important to accord and accept love. It is about the adeptness to adulation yourself and others. Affection Chakra physique locations are the heart, circulatory system, lungs, accept and the high back. Any blush of blush or blooming gemstones will alleviate and antithesis this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Modalvite and Malachite for the Green, and Blush Clear Quartz and Kunzite for the Blush color.

    The Throat Chakra is the fifth Chakra amid in the throat, and its blush is "Light Blue". Its characteristics are expression, audition (include analytic hearing), accepting others, communication, and creativity. It holds the adapt of the concrete body. Achievability for change, transformation and healing are amid here, including healing ones approaching verses the past, through karmic release. The throat can abundance our anger, and what we charge to let go of. Throat Chakra physique locations cover the throat, neck, jaw, teeth, ears, hearing, and the thyroid gland. Any ablaze dejected gemstones will alleviate and antithesis this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Aquamarine, Dejected Tourmaline or Turquoise.

    The Third Eye Chakra is the sixth Chakra amid amid our brows, and its blush is "Indigo". Its characteristics are area we see above concrete realities into the analytic realm, for compassionate of the non-physical truth. It is authentic as the abode of the Goddess Within. Third eye Chakra physique locations cover the eyes, face, and brain. Any azure gemstones will alleviate and antithesis this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Azurite and Sapphire.

    The Acme Chakra is the seventh Chakra amid on top of our head, and its blush is "Violet". Its characteristics are that it is the first point area the Body enters into the physique at bearing through its acknowledgment adventure into this plane. It is authentic as the abode of the Goddess herself. Acme Chakra physique locations cover the back and afraid systems. Any violet gemstones will alleviate and antithesis this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Amethyst and Serenite.

    The Affiliation Point Chakra as I alarm it is the eighth Chakra amid few inches from the acme Chakra and its blush is "Clear or White". This is area advice with your guides and admired ones will yield abode and accompany accuracy to your hotlink to advice and peace. It is above our concrete physique and rarely has any aftereffect on us. Any white or bright rock will alleviate and antithesis this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: White and Bright Quartz.

    Oneness with the antecedent Chakra as I alarm it, is the ninth Chakra amid a few anxiety college than the Affiliation Point Chakra and its blush is "Gold". This is the akin on which the body works. The acquaintance on apperception on this will alter for anniversary of us as individuals because our adventures on a body akin are different to each, every one of us for our own change at a body level. It is a actual top and able Chakra, and it may be afflictive for some people. It will yield some convenance to get use to its energy. I never acclimated any Gemstone for this Chakra but it is capital to accept counterbalanced the complete Chakra for it to plan properly. You can use a admixture of the eight Gemstones from the altered Chakras to alleviate and antithesis it.

    I alone use the endure two Chakras, but they are not all-important if first starting to use your Chakras if you alpha meditating. Already you become accustomed with your centre credibility and try to tap into their energies then those Chakras can action you some account and they will accept their aftereffect on you.

    Chakras are a actual important allotment of our activity and we may acquire this or not. It is a claimed choice. Whatever your alternative is on the subject, you will feels its aftereffect in your circadian life.



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