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 31 December 18:00   Vedic Numerology - Assignment 5

    When the Appear science of the Blast ( Astrometry ) and the science of

    numbers merge, we accept a admirable resultant science, Vedic Numerology.

    The abundant Paracelsus averred that the ability of the mysteries of the

    Universe haveto perforce be abstruse as they are not for the uninitiated.

    These sciences play an important role in our lives - for they are

    pointers to the Ultimate Reality!

    FIve - disqualified by the Prince of the Solar Logos, Mercury

    Effects of Fadic Amount Five

    If the Fivian is YOU!

    ( Fadic Amount is the amount got afterwards abacus all the digits absolute your

    date of bearing ).

    Your numerological amount is 5 and Your Activity Ambassador is

    Mercury. The basal attributes of this planet is blemish and in-

    constancy. In actuality the chat active is acquired from it.

    Despite their inconstancy they are able & acute and

    they jump into fields area they can create simple money

    hating the chancy and the arduous paths. They take

    decisions bound after abundant aforethought. They are very

    greedy merchants and complex in stockmarket dealings. They

    have arresting resilience.

    No crisis can agitate them. Their advantageous canicule are Wednesday

    Thursday and Friday. The best canicule they should baddest for

    their efforts are 5 14 23 . Their capital check is that

    they use all their artistic activity and becomes accountable to

    nervous complaints. They are angered to a accountability and cannot

    face failure.

    Cicero Battle of York & the Prince Of Wales were built-in under

    this number.

    Personality Overview


    Controller of Activity - MERCURY

    You are disqualified by the planet which rules commerce, education

    and speech. As you are a mercurian you accept aptitude in the

    commercial acreage ability in some areas accomplished communication

    ability and ability of speech. This planet is absolutely versatile

    endowing you some abilities in mathematics , wisdom, music

    sculpture and the arts. The aesthetic band in you can take

    you to addled heights. This aesthetic adeptness will be manifest

    even in the business acreage in the areas of publicity and ad-

    vertising area adroitness is alleged for.

    Your versatility will create you able-bodied admired by others. Always

    enterprising and activating you will fit the role of the busy

    businessman. Businesslike in access and using adroitness in

    the acreage of economics you will accessible up some areas of busi-

    ness ahead alien with your innovation.

    You are emotionally ambiguous accustomed to fits of depression.

    Mind becomes arbitrary and arbitrary at times. Affliction may

    create calamity in your psyche.

    You will flash in stockbroking and law. The abstract stock

    market has its enchantments for you.

    You will flash in publicity and advertising. Account books

    will calmly create you a academic as your ability of imbibing

    concepts is absolutely formidable.

    In Vedic Astrology, Mercury represents bookish knowledge. High

    academic degrees are attributable to a acerb positioned Mercury

    in one s natal chart. About accurate knowledge, music,

    mathematics, carve & art are aswell his significations. Three

    constellations of the Sidereal Zodiac - Epsilon Hydrae, Alpha

    Cancri ( Aslesha ) , Antares ( Jyeshta ) & Zeta Piscium ( Revathi )

    are endemic by him.

    More superior advice about Vedic Astrometry & an Astrological

    Analysis can be had from

    An Analytic Review


    The zodiac assurance apery your amount is Gemini. People

    under the access of this zodiacal afterlife are always

    enterprising & advancing able with action and

    entreprenauership. Their businesslike access to activity and their

    dynamism create them flash in the bread-and-butter sphere.

    ( Do not abash this with the Bearing Assurance in Astrometry )

    Your active temparament can sometimes be a drawback.

    There will be affecting upheavals, brainy depressions and ruts

    from which you will yield pains to appear out.

    Geminians commonly are activating humans consistently affianced in ent-

    erprising endeavours. They are the builders of the economic

    base of the nation. Their action and action always

    earn acclaim for them.

    You are a lover of Acumen and the arts. Sculpture, music

    and the abstract will allure you in no ambiguous measure.

    Resilience is your forte. You can appear out of any nasty

    situation because of your inherent accomplished qualities.

    Regarding bloom as you are consistently abrupt mentally you

    torment your apperception and the afraid system. This makes you pr-

    one to some diseases. Indisposition arthritis are common. Best

    remedy to diseases are able beddy-bye blow and active like a

    recluse. The best fruits for you are allotment oats and all

    types of nuts.

    You should bouncer adjoin illhealth and balance exercise in

    the months of June September and December. During the ages

    of 14 23 32 50 68 you may acquaintance important changes in


    Negative Aspect


    Manifests as getting too bookish blank the arena econo-

    mic realities of life. Becomes too adorable and intellectual. Prac-

    tical activity which is based on Economics takes a assault as Balladry &

    Philosophy mark you for their own.



    Priyangu Kailka Shyamam

    Roopena Prathimam Budham

    Soumaym SOumaygunopetham

    Tham Budham Pranathosmyaham

    This sloka if recited 108 times can area off the afflictions aris-

    ing from Mercury maleficence. This is the moola sloka of Mercury.

    In Vedic Gemology, Mercury represents Emerald. Cutting this stone

    on a Shukla Paksha Wednesday ( fifteen canicule afterwards the New Moon ) will

    enhance the luck of the Fivians. The Sanskrit text, The Jataka Chandrika

    assigns Emerald to Mercury .

    Lucky Colour GREEN

    Lucky Rock EMERALD

    Lucky Canicule of the Anniversary WEDNESDAY

    Lucky Day 14 5 23

    Lucky Ages MAY

    More advice about All-embracing Gemology & a Chargeless Gem Prescription

    Report can be had from

    In Abstruse Aesthetics the Amount 5 is advised actual sacred.

    The Complete Cocky is belted by 5 concentric sheaths - the material,

    the mental, the vital, the bookish & the blissful. The entire

    Universe is composed of the Basal 5 - earth, fire, water, air

    & ether. Our acoustic apple is relayed to us by the 5 faculty organs.

    In Sidereal Astrometry the Fifth Abode is important as it is one of the

    moral triangles. In Abstruse Meditation, the Fifth accompaniment is the

    all-important Catholic Consciousness. 5 is actual arresting in the

    Pythagorean system. No admiration Pythogoras exulted in the mystery

    of the Amount Five!

    In the next commodity we will accord with the Sixians- those who are disqualified by

    Dione or Venus accepted as Freya in Norse Belief and as Shukra

    in Indian Mythology.



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