Sparrow or Peacock?: Compassionate Your Accord with Your Being

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 31 December 18:00   

    Sparrow or Peacock?: Compassionate Your Accord with Your Stuff   by Maya Amulet Frost

    Maybe it s just a awe-inspiring week. Three times in the accomplished three days, I ve bumped into anyone I understand and

    started a chat with, "Hey, how ARE you?"

    Nothing abnormal about that. But the responses were all discussions of problems with STUFF. Cars.

    Computers. Admixture systems. Lawnmowers. Burglar alarms. Phones. Everybody s being was causing

    headaches. Okay, so I assumption the abbreviate acknowledgment to the catechism would accept been, "I accept a headache."

    It s not that I didn t wish to apprehend the adventure abaft the headache--it s that the cephalalgia wouldn t accept

    existed after all that stuff.

    Is your being causing you headaches? Do you absorb added time and activity and money on advancement your things than on convalescent yourself? It s simple to

    get bent up in it, isn t it?

    I don t wish to accuse about stuff. I d rather not accept it.

    Okay, so we accept to accept a home, some anatomy of transportation, and some way to collaborate with the world. But maybe we don t charge the biggest, fastest,

    hippest adaptation of all three.

    Take a attending at your stuff, and thinkabout what it takes

    to advance it. Now, anticipate about the time and activity you absorb advance in yourself and your own development as an Accomplished Human.

    Who s the or your STUFF?

    Rabindranath Tagore, the Indian poet,

    philosopher, painter, songwriter, artisan and Nobel laureate, said this:

    "The sparrow is apologetic for the peacock at the accountability of his tail."

    Which one are you...the sparrow or the peacock?

    Now, be honest. A minute ago, if I had asked you that question, you may accept anticipation that the peacock was the appropriate answer. Afterwards all, we like to anticipate of ourselves as beautiful, colorful, and proudsomeone to be admired.

    A sparrow? That little amber job? Boring.

    Sohow do you feel about sparrows and peacocks now?

    The air-conditioned affair about Arete is that it doesn t crave stuff. It s accessible to everyone, whether you

    are the sparrow or the peacock. All you charge is your apperception and the time to use it.

    Take agenda of how abundant time you absorb annoying about your things. If it turns out that your being is demography

    over your mindspace, apprehend you accept a choice. You can Accept to anguish beneath about it, or you can Accept to carve it down.

    Guess what? It s easier to carve down than to stop worrying.

    Albert Einstein is one of my admired thinkers. One of his Three Rules of Plan is this:

    "Out of clutter, acquisition simplicity."

    Use your mind--and maybe your muscles-- to yield ascendancy of your stuff. Apple-pie off your desk. Bright out a closet. Accouterment your garage. Be ruthless, and then be generous--donate those added items. Don t you feel bigger just cerebration about it?

    Fill that anew accessible mindspace with thoughts aces of that admirable apperception of yours. You ll accept beneath headaches, and added time for Excellence.

    And maybe you ll accept something added alarming to allocution about if anyone asks how you are.



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