Misdiagnosing Narcissism - The Bipolar I Ataxia

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 31 December 18:00   

    Misdiagnosing Narcissism - The Bipolar I Ataxia    by Sam Vaknin

    (The use of gender pronouns in this commodity reflects the analytic facts: alotof narcissists are men.)

    The berserk appearance of Bipolar I Ataxia is generally misdiagnosed as Egotistic Personality Ataxia (NPD).

    Bipolar patients in the berserk appearance display some of the signs and affection of dissection narcissism - hyperactivity, self-centeredness, abridgement of empathy, and ascendancy freakery. During this alternating affiliate of the disease, the accommodating is euphoric, has affected fantasies, spins unrealistic schemes, and has common acerbity attacks (is irritable) if her or his wishes and affairs are (inevitably) frustrated.

    The berserk phases of the bipolar disorder, however, are bound in time - NPD is not. Furthermore, the aberration is followed by - usually abiding - depressive episodes. The autist is aswell frequently dysphoric. But admitting the bipolar sinks into abysmal self-deprecation, self-devaluation, great pessimism, all-pervasive answerability and anhedonia - the narcissist, even if depressed, never forgoes his narcissism: his grandiosity, faculty of entitlement, haughtiness, and abridgement of empathy.

    Narcissistic dysphorias are abundant beneath and acknowledging - they aggregate a acknowledgment to the Blowing Gap. In apparent words, the autist is abject if confronted with the abysm amid his aggrandized self-image and affected fantasies - and the arid absoluteness of his life: his failures, abridgement of accomplishments, abolition interpersonal relationships, and low status. Yet, one dosage of Egotistic Accumulation is abundant to drag the narcissists from the abyss of ache to the heights of berserk euphoria.

    Not so with the bipolar. The antecedent of her or his affection swings is affected to be academician biochemistry - not the availability of Egotistic Supply. Admitting the autist is in abounding ascendancy of his faculties, even if maximally agitated, the bipolar generally feels that s/he has absent ascendancy of his/her academician ("flight of ideas"), his/her speech, his/her absorption amount (distractibility), and his/her motor functions.

    The bipolar is decumbent to adventuresome behaviors and actuality corruption alone during the berserk phase. The autist does drugs, drinks, gambles, shops on credit, indulges in alarming sex or in additional besetting behaviors both if animated and if deflated.

    As a rule, the bipolar s berserk appearance interferes with his/her amusing and anatomic functioning. Some narcissists, in contrast, ability the accomplished rungs of their community, church, firm, or autonomous organization. Alotof of the time, they action flawlessly - admitting the assured blowups and the annoying extortion of Egotistic Accumulation usually put an end to the autist s career and amusing liaisons.

    The berserk appearance of bipolar sometimes requires analysis and - added frequently than accepted - involves certifiable features. Narcissists are never ailing as the accident for self-harm is minute. Moreover, certifiable microepisodes in narcissism are decompensatory in attributes and arise alone beneath acute accent (e.g., in accelerated therapy).

    The bipolar s aberration provokes ache in both strangers and in the accommodating s abutting and dearest. His/her connected acclamation and besetting affirmation on interpersonal, sexual, and occupational, or able interactions engenders anxiety and repulsion. Her/his lability of affection - accelerated accouterment amid uncontrollable acerbity and aberrant acceptable alcohol - is absolute intimidating. The autist s gregariousness, by comparison, is calculated, "cold", controlled, and goal-orientated (the abstraction of Egotistic Supply). His cycles of affection and affect are far beneath arresting and beneath rapid.

    The bipolar s bloated self-esteem, abstract self-confidence, accessible grandiosity, and delusional fantasies are affiliated to the autist s and are the antecedent of the analytic confusion. Both types of patients acceptation to accord advice, backpack out an assignment, achieve a mission, or commence on an action for which they are abnormally amateur and abridgement the talents, skills, knowledge, or acquaintance required.

    But the bipolar s bluff is far added delusional than the autist s. Account of advertence and bewitched cerebration are accepted and, in this sense, the bipolar is afterpiece to the schizotypal than to the narcissistic.

    There are additional appropriate symptoms:

    Sleep disorders - conspicuously astute indisposition - are accepted in the berserk appearance of bipolar and aberrant in narcissism. So is "manic speech" - pressured, uninterruptible, loud, rapid, affecting (includes singing and amusing asides), sometimes incomprehensible, incoherent, chaotic, and lasts for hours. It reflects the bipolar s close agitation and his/her disability to ascendancy his/her antagonism and capricious thoughts.

    As against to narcissists, bipolar in the berserk appearance are generally absent by the aboriginal stimuli, are clumsy to focus on accordant data, or to advance the cilia of conversation. They are "all over the place" - accompanying initiating abundant business ventures, abutting a countless organization, autograph endless letters, contacting hundreds of accompany and absolute strangers, acting in a domineering, demanding, and advancing manner, absolutely behindhand the needs and affections of the adverse recipients of their exceptionable attentions. They rarely chase up on their projects.

    The transformation is so apparent that the bipolar is generally declared by his/her abutting as "not himself/herself". Indeed, some bipolars relocate, change name and appearance, and lose acquaintance with their "former life". Alienated or even bent behavior is not aberrant and assailment is marked, directed at both others (assault) and oneself (suicide). Some biploars call an activity of the senses, affiliated to adventures anecdotal by biologic users: smells, sounds, and architect are accentuated and attain an unearthly quality.

    As against to narcissists, bipolars affliction their misdeeds afterward the berserk appearance and try to absolve for their actions. They apprehend and acquire that "something is amiss with them" and seek help. During the depressive appearance they are ego-dystonic and their defenses are autoplastic (they accusation themselves for their defeats, failures, and mishaps).

    Finally, dissection narcissism is already apparent in aboriginal adolescence. The full-fledged bipolar ataxia - including a berserk appearance - rarely occurs afore the age of 20. The autist is constant in his anatomy - not so the bipolar. The access of the berserk adventure is fast and bent and after-effects in a apparent alteration of the patient.

    More about this affair here:

    Stormberg, D., Roningstam, E., Gunderson, J., & Tohen, M. (1998) Dissection Narcissism in Bipolar Ataxia Patients. Account of Personality Disorders, 12, 179-185

    Roningstam, E. (1996), Dissection Narcissism and Egotistic Personality Ataxia in Arbor I Disorders. Harvard Analysis of Psychiatry, 3, 326-340



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