Zombies of the Christian Reich

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 31 December 18:00   

    Zombies of the Christian Reich   by Larsen Rogers

    One of these canicule I am traveling to address a screenplay. This adventure will be titled, Zombies of the Christian Reich. I am affronted by the far appropriate cerebration Christian s that advance the antic abstraction that this is a Christian Nation.

    Isnt that what Nazi Germany was?

    Yes, it is true Nazi Germany was a Christian Nation and that is why they dead and confined humans who were not Christian s (i.e., Jews).

    A abundant cine of abundant shock amount would one titled, Zombies of the Christian Reich, The blur will be emblematic but horrific. The Christian Reich is a accumulation of Zombies that chaw the civil victims and try to actuate rational absent humans to acquire and advance a acceptance that is inaccurate and outdated.

    Imagine getting in a aphotic theater. The cine awning announcement walking corpses with emblazed Christian crosses on their forehead. The zombies move bound appear their victims as they complain Biblical verses and promises of abiding salvation. The victims getting humans of civil cause and science are disturbing to escape the butt of the angry zombies.

    There is a complete of crunching cartilage and cartilage as a crank sinks teeth into the close and accept of a victim. Claret sprays and the victim who was a rational and blessed animal morphs into a dying corpse. A blood-soaked cantankerous is bewitched categorical into the victims forehead. The victim becomes a crank of the Christian Reich and begins to coursing down additional victims.

    The purpose of the blur is to explain what the Christian Reich is attempting to do to our nation. They are demography over.

    Humanity has survived into the twenty-first century. Our greatest triumphs accept been liberty, science and technology. We accept confused above the charge for an inaccurate and anachronous acceptance system.

    The Christian Reich destroys our animal progress. Our morality, adherence and eyes for the approaching declines as the Christian ized media attempts to beset us into assertive in their acceptance system.

    The shock of the blur will be to allegorize the bulletin that Christian ity is annihilation added than a man create religion. There is no appropriate abracadabra or god advancing beliefs. The Christian Reich is using Government and Law to force their behavior on the citizens in the USA. They use boilerplate media to abase and insult those they oppose. We should do the aforementioned by authoritative movies and shows that affectation the Christian Reich for what they are: A Apparition Menace.



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