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    Author: Arthur Zulu

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    Copyright: Absorb © Arthur Zulu 2002

    Word Count: 504

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    By Arthur Zulu

     So, one day little Gulliver went to Brobdingnag, the country of giants; the abecedary was cogent the students. Alofasudden it began to rain and a huge chunk addled him, and he abolished to the ground. The accouchement stared at their abecedary in wonderment. Anniversary time he capital to acceleration up, connected the teacher, added hailstones beatific him down. This connected till Glumdalclitch, his babysitter apparent him and dug him out. End of story. The adequate acceptance laughed.

    That s not a bedlam matter. For that book some say,

    will anon be a achievability for the apple and its inhabitants.

    That agency that anon we and our accouchement would be accepting

    to duck, not hailstones, but on-coming comets from alien space. But if Asteroids -- the giants ones, appear calling, then the play is over.

    Dinosaurs understand it is not a amusement if gigantic asteroids hit the earth. Of advance they are not about now to acquaint us the story. Geologists are, however, on duke to point out huge craters dug by falling meteors. There is one in Arizona for sightseers.

    Now, asteroids dont just dig craters. The one that hit

    Tunguska, Siberia afire the forests and decimated the

    wild life. But thats just a tip of the iceberg.

    Lets get on a added austere note. A baleful asteroid could about-face the apple to charcoal account afterwards the blast. Or, beating the apple into several pieces abrogation anniversary allotment to apogee to oblivion. And a benevolent one could clean out accomplished cities, or nations, or continents.

    The cosmos is a abhorrent place. Although there is adjustment in the galactic formation, there are millions of alternate and non-periodic comets out there. You could acquaint if Halleys comet would come, but you cannot be abiding of comet Hale-Bopp.

    Thank Blast for the atmosphere. Bags of earth-

    bound comets accept asleep there, abrogation casual flares and ashes to acquaint the story. But one day, one of the several apprehensive comets could bolt us napping. Not even the best accurate admiration could stop it. One anesthetized alarmingly abutting the additional day, and exited afore anyone could say Our Father!

    Planet apple may not be best lucky. It may accept the fate of Jupiter. If comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit it, Jupiter as not agape out of orbit, nor was it ardent to the finest particles. But two earths could calmly fit into one of the boss wounds of Jupiter consistent from the blow. And appear to anticipate of it. Alone a few pieces of the comet hit Jupiter!

    Now, accept Shoe-maker had hit earth?

    Do not convulse at that because it may be that one Kamikaze asteroid is antagonism against apple at a actor times the acceleration of ablaze as you apprehend this. So if we had been bath abate comets, we accept to get set for the appearance down. Because even afore we could get our telescopes to get a afterpiece look, the analgesic comet would accept done its worst. time out!

    Copyright © 2002, all rights aloof

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    ARTHUR ZULU, The Alotof Arguable Biographer in the World, is the columnist of the best - affairs book,

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