WILL A Affliction Abort THE WORLD?

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 31 December 18:00   

    WILL A Affliction Abort THE WORLD?   by ARTHUR ZULU

    Title: WILL A Affliction Abort THE WORLD?

    Author: Arthur Zulu

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    Copyright: Absorb © Arthur Zulu 2002

    Word Count: 452

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    WILL A Affliction Abort THE WORLD?

    By Arthur Zulu

    Figure out this puzzle. What are these? Oropouche, Rocio, Chikungunya, Mokola, Duvenhage. Q. Guanarito, VEE,

    LeDantec, Sindbis, Marburg, Onyongnyong. Yes, accord me

    your answer.

    Names of new planets No, appear down to earth. Names of

     new angle breed No, appear off the river. Botanical names.

    No, leave the forest. Characters in a Greek drama. No, avenue

    the theater.

    Ok. No idea. Let me advice you. Now, try this.

    I am the greatest analgesic in this century. I was active beneath

    the derma of chimpanzees, till some athirst bushmen invaded

    the forest, dead the bold and ate us up. From the backwoods to

    the banquet table, I can now be begin in the bodies of millions

    of persons, antibacterial their allowed systems and sending them to their abortive graves. I accept a accessory in this obituary business alleged HIV. What am I?

    Of course, you got it appropriate -- AIDS. So the adage goes in

    some abode that someday, a affliction would clean out the

    world. But can they be right?

    Well, if you see arising new diseases, some with aberrant

    names as you saw in the aloft list, you would subscribe. The accepted affection about these diseases -- old and new , is that

    they are baleful and accept defied medical cure.

    When the Atramentous Afterlife swept berserk beyond Europe in the thirteenth century, killing 25 actor lives, and defying science, humans anticipation the apple was traveling to end. Well, neither the apple nor the annoy of baleful bacilli came to an end. And there is no agreement that man will one day ascertain an Absolute vaccine to clean out these analgesic


    True, baby pox has been eradicated. But attending at this account

    of oldies that accept create a come-back -- Tuberculosis,

    Malaria, Cholera, Diphtheria and Bubonic plague. And they

    are agriculture millions of souls!

    As if these are not enough, dozens of new communicable diseases accept been arising up all over the globe. Like Legionnaires disease, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Hepatitis D, Hepatitis C, Vibrio cholerae 0139, E. Coli 0157: H7. Animal and equine morbilivirus, and several others. Some of them like Ebola, arise and abandon like a archimage accomplishing abracadabra.

    Even our beasts and chickens are accepting mad now (no acknowledgment to the aggressive virus.) And anon men will be accepting crazy, or advancing to avenue the planet. How?

    Consider these scenarios. Accept a baleful affliction defying all accepted cures appears unannounced. Or accept a ache like AIDS become air-borne so that we get the antibody by breathing. You breathe in castigation while I breathe in mine.

    Well, the aftereffect will be accumulation suicide, and apologists of this

    theory are action 50 to 50 that a affliction will end the world.

    A man haveto die of something, however. Either of accustomed

    causes like a baleful plague. Or of aberrant causes like even


    But which is better? To die of a ache with an alien name -- Oropouche, Chikungunya, Onyongnyong, or to die of one with a accustomed name -- AIDS, Ebola, Cholera, Tuberculosis or Bubonic Plague.

    You accept no choice: anon you will know!

    Copyright © 2002, all rights aloof

    About the Author:

    ARTHUR ZULU, The Alotof Arguable Biographer in the World, is the columnist of the best - affairs book,

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