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 31 December 18:00   

    Trading about the alarm and about the world!   by Jennifer Stewart

    US business-to-business e-commerce will hit $2.7 abundance in 2004 and added than 90%

    of firms interviewed declared affairs to buy and advertise on the Internet, according to a

    recent Forrester Analysis study.

    The study, "e-Marketplaces Addition B2B Trade," letters that B2B advance will be

    accelerated by the development of e-Marketplaces - new models for conducting

     e-commerce - such as auctions, exchanges, aggregators and bid systems. By 2004,

    Forrester expects these e-Marketplaces to abduction 53% of all online business trade.

    Hand in duke with this development in B2B, is the appraisal that Internet sales

    (business to customer) will top $1.35 abundance in the US by the year 2003. (Source:

    Masha E. Geller, MediaPost )

    Many netrepreneurs accept already taken accomplish to block their wagon to this ascent star

    and accept said goodbye to the acceptable boutique front, and accost to the cybermall.

    A cybermall can accomplish 24 hours a day, seven canicule a anniversary and can advertise to

    customers in every country in the apple - if they accept an Internet connection.

    Nielsen/NetRatings abstracts appearance that added and added humans are abutting to the

    Internet every ages - in the US, 122.7 actor humans (aged 2 years and older) had

    access to the Internet in January 2000. This had added to 123.6 actor in the first

    week of Advance 2000.

    With a apple citizenry of 6 billion, it s simple to see why businesses are aflame by the

    prospect of cybermalls.

    Instead of aggressive with the ascent costs of rent, agents wages, advertising, packing and

    shipping, and ambidextrous with the problems of tracking down banal and suppliers - this

    new development in e-commerce allows an alone to set up a complete web-based

    business in beneath than 48 hours and accept commissions of 3% to 25% on all sales

    made from the site.

    One such cybermall is It aims to offer, "simply the best

    virtual one-stop shop," according to CEO, John Freeman. "We should accept completed

    a women s forum, babble band and a customer challenge by the third anniversary of March," he

    says. This will accompaniment the advanced ambit of cyber food already allotment of the mall. "It s

    possible for barter to accommodated all their arcade needs from this one site," says

    Freeman, "from flowers and gifts, books and games, appliance and clothes to office

    supplies, banking casework and banking, biking arrange and auctions - there are

    even application casework at"

    The afflatus for this abstraction dates aback to 1997, if Aborigine s aggregation was

    developing and bearing bespoke software and architecture websites; this was followed

    by the development of software and accouterments to advancement computer systems for Y2K.

    These articles were certified by the adviser laboratories to the UK Government,

    the Accompaniment Pentagon and companies such as GEC Marconi.

    "It was during this aeon of time that we accomplished that with the advance of the Internet

    and e-commerce , alcove business on the Web would be actual bound because of the

    volume of new users and websites getting registered," says Freeman. "We could see

    that one-stop arcade sites would be the area of best for consumers. Everyone

    knows that the advice on seek engines is burst and the better complaint one

    hears is that it takes too continued to acquisition anything, with our concept, if you re searching for a

    golf brawl you will accept a amount of outlets to accept from - our software enables

    comparisons to be create and the best buy begin - the customer is the big winner."

    This appearance has been accurate by contempo letters into e-commerce with Forrester

    Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) advertence that e-Marketplaces haveto advance from today s

    isolated alcove offerings to become awful commutual one-stop shops - or ache the

    consequences; and the Civic Retail Alliance 2000 Appointment in January this

    year highlighting the challenges and opportunities adverse online retailers. Added than

    50% of above retailers are still clumsy to yield online orders, according to findings


    This is area programs such as that offered by Aborigine flash - entrepreneurs can

    acquire adult exchange software or absolutely offload the architecture of their Web

    sites to an accomplished e-commerce integrator like and be at the

    forefront of e-commerce developments.

    The Internet has accomplished in business in just four years, what it took radio forty years

    and television fourteen years to achieve. Anyone can now be a allotment of the Internet

    explosion after getting an expert, just by acceptable an aShop4All partner. Americans

    spent 57.5 billion account online in January 2000 (according to a Media Metrix Top 50

    At-Home and At-Work accumulated Agenda Media and Web admirers ratings report). The

    research close says anniversary being surveyed spent an boilerplate of 13.2 hours online during

    the ages - that s a bound admirers in anyone s accent and justifies the

    enthusiasm of business humans like Freeman. "A cybermall can be set up for as little

    as $300 - how some businesses crave such a baby basic outlay?" he says. "At, we yield affliction of all the details. The absolute website is accessible to alpha making

    money and is continuously adapted with new products. It s an ideal way for humans to

    start their e-commerce experience."

    The endure chat belongs to Bill Gates, appear as saying, "By 2002 there will be two

    types of businesses - those on the Net and those out of business."



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