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First of all we charge to apprentice about streams. All C Programming input/output


is done with streams, no amount area ascribe is advancing from or area achievement is


traveling to. This is the accepted way of administration all ascribe and achievement and has


audible advantages for the programmer. Of course, now that we understand its importance,


it is capital that we accept what streams are and how they work.


First, however, we charge to accept absolutely what the agreement ascribe and achievement beggarly in ambience of C.


What Absolutely Is Program Input/Output?


A C program keeps data in accidental admission anamnesis (RAM) while executing. This data is in the anatomy of variables, structures, and arrays that accept been declared by the program. The catechism is area did this data appear from, and what can the program do with it?



  1. Data can appear from some area alien to the program. Data confused from


    an alien area into RAM, area the program can admission it, is alleged


    input. The keyboard and deejay files are the alotof accepted sources of program




  3. Data can aswell be beatific to a area alien to the program; this is alleged


    output. The alotof accepted destinations for achievement are the screen, a printer,


    and deejay files.



Input sources and achievement destinations are collectively referred to as devices. The keyboard is a device; the awning is a device, and so on. Some accessories (the keyboard) are for ascribe only, others (the screen) are for achievement only, and still others (disk files) are for both ascribe and output. Whatever the device, and whether it s assuming ascribe or output, C carries out all ascribe and achievement operations by agency of streams.


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