All about the new SCMAD Acceptance Assay

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 31 December 18:00   

    All about the new SCMAD Acceptance Exam   by Whizlabs Software


    The adaptable bazaar is envisioned as the next abstruse beachcomber by arch industry experts. But due to burst attributes of the adaptable market, with assorted manufacturers aggressive to get their allotment of the pie, Java is already afresh assertive to be the best programming accent for the adaptable bazaar with its Address Once, Run Anywhere technology. This commodity will advice you accept the objectives, alertness requirements, and assets accessible for this celebrated acceptance by Sun Microsystems.


    The adaptable bazaar is envisioned as the next abstruse beachcomber by arch industry experts. With about 150 actor adaptable phones - almost 3 times the user abject as that of desktop computers - it ability able-bodied be the case. Due to the burst attributes of the adaptable market, with assorted manufacturers aggressive to get their allotment of the pie, Java is already afresh assertive to be the best programming accent for the adaptable bazaar with its Address Once, Run Anywhere technology.

    The blueprint about the Java for Wireless Technology action accept been proposed and backed by alotof of the arch adaptable buzz manufacturers (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, T-Mobile, to name a few) and hence, one can apprehend accessory abutment and connected innovation.

    The Java 2 Platform, Micro Copy (J2ME) offers a awful optimized basic apparatus which can be acclimated to run Java applications on accessories alignment from ability accountable accessories like acute cards, pagers, and adaptable phones to top end accessories like handheld computers and set-top boxes.

    Keeping the limitations of the adaptable accessories - both in admeasurement and in anamnesis - in mind, the Java Association Action has developed a alternation of standards complete in a modular appearance to ensure that assorted appearance are connected while befitting the architectonics at an abstruse level.

    While the J2ME itself includes a lot of additional appearance and is aswell not bound to adaptable phones, the acceptance concentrates on the developer s adeptness to make and install programs for adaptable devices, such as corpuscle phones and Claimed Agenda Administration (PDAs).

    You ability wish to accede demography this exam

    ·If you are already into autograph J2ME applications for adaptable accessories and wish to be accustomed for your skills.

    ·If you are a developer who has already accounting a few programs for wireless devices, the alertness will accord you all-embracing ability of assorted concepts.

    ·If you are a acclimatized J2SE/J2EE developer and wish to alpha autograph awful optimized Java applications for adaptable devices, this acceptance is a jump-start for accomplishing the same.

    ·If you do not accept too abundant of an abstraction about technologies like Wireless Programming or Bold Programming, advancing for this acceptance will be a abundant allurement to get a ballast in this technology.

    ·If you wish to apprentice and adept the cutting-edge technologies that are annular the corner.

    This commodity will accommodate a basal compassionate of the ambit of the acceptance and will aswell accord data about the acceptance forth with the advantageous assets to get started.

    What you charge to know?

    The Sun Certified Adaptable Appliance Developer (SCMAD) tests the developer s ability in the afterward 5 specifications.

    Java Technology for the Wireless Industry (JTWI 1.0)JSR-185

    Connected, Limited, Accessory Agreement (CLDC 1.0/1.1)JSR-030/JSR-139

    Mobile Advice Accessory Contour (MIDP 2.0)JSR-118

    Wireless Messaging API (WMA 1.1)JSR-120

    Mobile Media API (MMAPI 1.1)JSR-135

    Exam Information


    You should accept anesthetized the Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) - any adaptation - to arise for this exam.


    Details of the acceptance objectives can be begin at the Sun website. The above objectives are

    1.JTWI (JSR 185) and Overview / JTWI-compliant Wireless Applications

    2.CLDC 1.0/1.1

    3.Security (both CLDC and MIDP)


    5.Application Model/ Delivery/Lifecycle/Provisioning

    6.MIDP Assiduous Storage

    7.Push Registry


    9.MIDP Bold API

    10.Media using MIDP 2.0 and the Adaptable Media API 1.1 (MMAPI)

    11.Wireless Messaging API 1.1 (WMA)

    Passing Account & Time

    The assay consists of 68 questions, and the canyon allotment is 55%. The time allotted for the assay is 150 minutes. The fee for the assay is $150 for U.S. candidates and ability alter for additional countries. Amuse appointment the Sun acceptance website for added details.

    What you charge to do?

    This assay ability be hardly tougher than the additional exams back the technology is adequately new and the association abutment is limited.

    Since the API set is almost small, you can awning the capacity quickly. On an average, it should yield you about a anniversary to awning anniversary affair if you are accustomed with Java and accept accounting or attempted to address a few programs using J2ME. If you are new to wireless programming, you ability wish to admeasure about 2-3 months (2 hours a day at least) for preparation.

    To adapt for the exam, it we acclaim that you do the following:

    1.Download the Java Wireless Toolkit (2.0 or above).

    2.If you accept a J2ME enabled corpuscle phone, download the toolkit from that vendor. For example, Nokia and Sony accommodate chargeless toolkits and emulators that will advice you program in those devices.

    3.Download the PDF versions of the blueprint mentioned above.

    The best way to get an abstraction about wireless programming is to infact address some programs and arrange them to a corpuscle phone. This will go a continued way in your preparation, back the conception and supply of wireless applications is absolutely altered from that of the accepted or action applications. You should advance at atomic one program for anniversary blueprint to get a feel of the API. Some of the programs you ability wish to advance are

    1.A program that takes a name and prints out "Hello " (tests the UI API)

    2.A simple bold or a drawing, like the acceptable Paddleball bold or assorted geometric shapes affective in the awning (tests the Bold API)

    3.A program to apprehend an angel off a website and affectation it on the buzz (tests networking)

    4.A signed Accost World! Appliance (tests security)

    5.A program that plays a simple tune (tests MMAPI)

    6.A program that displays a argument bulletin (tests WMA)

    7.A program that calculates tip for assorted pre-defined scenarios (tests RMS)

    To accept the concepts of J2ME programming, you can apprehend the official J2ME tutorial, which is actual comprehensive. Some advantageous books are aswell listed in the assets section.

    Most of the questions will be code-based and hence, it is actual important that you accept how the cipher is structured for assorted specifications.

    You ability wish to accede purchasing the SCMAD assay actor by Whizlabs , which contains abundant questions of capricious adversity levels advance beyond 5 apish exams and a quiz and aswell lots of advantageous tips for the exam.

    Assuming that you accept Whizlabs SCMAD Assay Simulator, {available at}you can use the table beneath as a starting point for developing your alertness timeline.


    0Diagnostic ExamGives you a feel of what to expect

    1CLDC 1.0/1.1Basics of the VM and its requirements

    2Application Lifecycle/ProvisioningBasics of MIPD and its requirements

    3-4MIDP UI APIDevelop and arrange Program 1 afterwards this

    5NetworkingDevelop and arrange Program 3 afterwards this

    6MIDP Assiduous StorageDevelop and arrange Program 7 afterwards this

    7-8MIDP Bold APIDevelop and arrange Program 2 afterwards this

    9MMAPIDevelop and arrange Program 5 afterwards this

    10WMADevelop and arrange Program 6 afterwards this

    11Push RegistrySmall, but complicated, and is accompanying to WMA

    11SecurityHelps in packaging applications securely

    12JTWIGives an compassionate of how the technologies are angry together

    12Mock ExamsTest your preparation. Alter weaker sections.

    Finally, you can yield some apish exams to adapt yourself from a acceptance standpoint.

    Tips and pitfalls

    ·Understand the conceptual aberration amid a J2ME agreement (like CLDC) and a J2ME contour (like MIDP).

    ·Memorize the software and accouterments requirements of the assorted specifications.

    ·Memorize the chic hierarchies of important APIs like All-encompassing Affiliation Framework, Top akin and low akin UI API, Media classes of MIDP 2.0 and MMAPI 1.1.

    ·The assay tests the compassionate of the appearance and differences amid low akin and high-level API for UI programming. So, apprentice them well.

    ·Understand that differences amid the media abutment of MIDP 2.0 and the MMAPI 1.1.

    ·Apart from the ability of autograph able J2ME code, the assay aswell tests the adeptness to address accurate Java Appliance Descriptor (JAD) and apparent files that are acclimated to markup the deployment data of an application. So, convenance autograph the descriptors able-bodied and arrange the appliance in the toolkit to accept the behavior of assorted deployment tags.

    ·Remember that the assay is a bell-ringer aloof exam. So, you can cautiously avoid acquirements the bell-ringer APIs (like the APIs provided by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and so on).

    ·The best account actual for this assay is the blueprint document. So, admeasure abundant time to go through these abstracts and apprentice the concepts and API well.

    ·Make abiding what you apprehend is accordant to the assay objectives. A accepted pitfall is account and spending time on things that you may not crave for the exam.

    ·As mentioned earlier, try to advance a applied archetype for anniversary abstraction as this will advice in a bigger compassionate of the concepts.


    With a huge chump abject and all-inclusive popularity, wireless accessories are actuality to stay. As the wireless technology improves and as the next bearing accessories appear into the bazaar with added bandwidth, the appeal for alternate and feature-rich wireless applications will abundantly increase. Accepting a ability of wireless programming will accord you a aggressive bend and will adapt you for the future.


    ·J2ME tutorial by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    · provides a absolute account of basic assets for the acceptance exam.

    ·Exam addendum by Sathya Srinivasan, to get you started on the certification


    · Whizlabs SCMAD Acceptance Forum

    ·SCMAD aisle at JavaRanch (You ability aswell wish to appointment the J2MEtrail)


    ·Wireless Java: Developing with J2ME by Jonathan Knudsen

    ·Wireless J2ME Belvedere Programming by Vartan Piroumian

    ·J2ME: The Complete Advertence by James Keogh

    ·Enterprise J2ME: Developing Adaptable Java Applications by Michael Juntao Yuan

    Exam Simulators

    There are some means to adapt for acceptance exams, one of them getting through the use of assay simulators. With these you cannot just analyze your anemic areas, but aswell get a feel of the analysis environment.

     Whizlabs has launched worlds first-ever SCMAD (J2ME Certification) assay actor {available at}that ensures your success in the assay with its high-quality apish tests and quick afterlight tips for the exam.

    *First Appear at Whizlabs site.



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