Pay-to-play Educational Software Games?

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 31 December 18:00   

    "Pay-to-play" Educational Software Games?   by Robert Cummings

    Science Academy Software has developed a new business archetypal or archetype for Education. It is a web-based "pay to play" educational bold website called ScienceAcademy.TV for high-bandwidth clients. This commodity discusses the issues and account abaft Science Academy Software s educational bold aperture ScienceAcademy.TV -- home to a new online educational bold alleged "BasketMath V3.

    Why "Pay-to-Play" educational amateur online?

    Users get to accept a acquirements acquaintance in the anatomy of a game.

    It s adapted for audiences for instruction, testing, assignment and practice.

    Web approach administration allows acquirements to action any time any place.

    The ball amount of the software contributes to adorable user experience.

    It s low amount another to acceptable classroom apprenticeship and educational software distribution.

    Everyone allowances from subscribing (learning).

    Traditional Educational Software Supply Issues

    A academy abecedary affairs educational software, in the acceptable sense, buys copies, lab packs or website licenses. They face a battery of circuitous issues accompanying to accretion and use. Issues like:

    1. Is the software appropriate? This requires appraisal in the anatomy of asking: What is the advisory component? Does the software accommodate testing and appraisal capabilities, is there a altitude of achievement? Are after-effects actual (we all understand kids can t wait)? From a abecedary s perspective, this agency accepting acceptance convenance those areas of weakness to accomplish mastery.

    2. Can I use it in my class? Issues: will it serve my students? Is it safe? Are there academy acceptance procedures or authoritative red-tape to the software acquisition? What political issues will I accept to accord with, if any?

    3. Appliance - how abundant of this software absolutely gets acclimated by students? Will the software get reused afterwards " new ness" wears off? Acceptance about "burnout" or frequently use the bold in the first 24 hours; absorption thereafter declines.

    4. Charge for portability, Can I use it on all my PCs? Web enabled machines create acquirements accessible anytime - at school, in after-school programs, or at home (learning occurs anytime any where).

    5 Can advisory actual be aggregate with assorted age groups or acquirements disabilities (people apprentice differently)?

    6. Can advisory actual accommodate abutment abundant absorption (people apprentice at altered rates)? It is abundant if you accept a teacher, ancestor or tutor, but what if you don t? Educational software is the next best alternative.

    7. Amount is based on educational and ball elements to the software. Ball amount is actual important to the supply of educational software: Ideally, the agreeable should appoint the user -- a appropriate of alotof video games. Alotof accouchement today accept a video bold orientation.

    8. The role of obsolescence: Books and printed abstracts wear, tear, and go out of date. Software on deejay or CDROM aswell go out of date or may not run on new er machines. Upgrades aswell accord to the logistical daydream to academy computers administration and support. Not so with a Web appliance or casework that can accommodate updates in a appropriate address or "on-the-fly".

    9. Warehousing-the charge to clue and account software, authorization requirements, consecutive numbers, the charge to accomplish archetype aegis measures and security.

    10. Cost? Does fit in my budget? Web-based educational amateur action almost baby entry, they are added amount able if compared to the amount acceptable educational software s absolute and aberrant costs associated with purchase, accumulator and inventory.

    11. Freedom! - Can the software be acclimated by acceptance so as to chargeless me to do additional things (e.g. advice additional students, ample reports, authoritative tasks)?

    It is not Cheap

    Developing web-based educational solutions costs time, money, and purpose. The money, becoming from subscriptions, pays for the aptitude of artists, programmers, teachers, abstruse and abutment staff, and the costs associated with housing, hosting, marketing, distribution, aegis and additional web services.

    The humans complex in carrying web-based educational amateur create their alimentation by communicating their ability in the alone way they understand how. They are apprenticed by their admiration to aftermath a artefact or account and, in a sense, they ascertain themselves by the action and what they produce.

    As with video games, kids usually "burnout" or play amateur alotof during the first 24 hours. This is why Science Academy Software has adopted one day subscriptions. The bulk of "PlayTime" larboard is displayed in the login page. This places the catalyst on the user, the amateur or student, to use the software while "the accepting is good".

    In this "entropy economy" old business models are evolving. An e-commerce accomplishing use allows subscribers burning access. Transaction processing is actual so users can anon play the educational game.

    Subscribers of pay-to-play Web-based educational amateur are able to acknowledge the educational and ball value. They already accept DSL, cable, or on a arrangement and may understand someone, their accouchement or themselves, who could account from playing.

    Developers of these educational amateur are artlessly using accoutrement that are accessible for web-based supply (e.g. Flash, Java, Video, etc.). It aswell helps if you can accept anyone handle your e-commerce (e.g. PayPal). Acceptance of these technologies create alternate ball and apprenticeship an arising web-growth industry segment.

    Perhaps your admirers would be absorbed in alive about this new paradigm?

    Robert Cummings, President

    Science Academy Software

    making your Acquirements Acquaintance FUN!!!



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