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Abecedarian Tips For Dog Training

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 31 December 18:00   

    Beginner Tips For Dog Training   by Adam G. Katz

     1. What age should I alpha using the bender collar?

    [Adam replies: ] About speaking, at about four months of age if you see the developed teeth activate to appear in.

    2. What should I be teaching , accordance wise, with 8 ages puppy?

    [Adam replies: ] At eight months of age, there absolutely isnt Annihilation you deceit advise the dog, obedience-wise.

    3. If you say pop, if teaching the down command,do you beggarly I should pop the bender collar? So for archetype if the dog gets up from down/stay position and airing away, you said to say NO, pop the leash, then say

    NO all the way aback to manhole, then pop the bridle again? Do you beggarly to pop the bender or to adviser him

    into down/stay position?

    [Adam replies: ] If I say pop I beggarly to tug on the leash. Create abiding youre starting and catastrophe with slack. So, you say, No! then go to the dog and accord a pop on the leash, then airing him aback to the atom and copy the down command and then pop bottomward (or to the side) on the bridle and put him aback into the down position.

    5. What s the aberration amid accordance training and action training (i.e. Schutzhund)? Why do they say you shouldn t alternation your dog in accordance if you wish him to be in Schutzhund? (I just wish to understand for my own knowledge)

    [Adam replies: ] Schutzhund is a dog action the incorporates an accordance routine, as able-bodied as a aegis and tracking routine. The accordance contest are mostly avenue exercises, and are not accomplished in a adroit context. As for why you allegedly shouldn t alternation your dog in accordance if you wish him to be in Schutzhund this is a myth. Some blowing types will consistently over-correct their dog in the accordance appearance and this will annihilate drive. But anyone with even a atom of accepted faculty will abstain this predicament.

    6. What do you anticipate of raw diets for dogs? Account it??

    [Adam replies: ] Not account it. Augment the dog a top superior dog aliment and your dog will be fine.

    7. What adjustment should I advise the dog the commands?(first sit, then down then come?? How should I do it?)

    [Adam replies: ] I like to advise the Airing on a apart bridle exercise first, followed by the curb/street/boundary training, as this teaches the dog what a alteration is (if he doesnt understand already). Then you can advise contest in any adjustment you wish. To be honest, the adjustment of basal contest is abundantly irrelevant. It DOES become accordant in after training, if you activate chaining behaviors together, such as Go to the fridge, accessible door, retrieve beer, then abutting door.

    8. To advise the dog to not run out of the house, if I bang the aperture I m abashed it is traveling bang on him too harder and aching him. How do I go about accomplishing it? Do I shut it cautiously or will he be fast abundant to stop?

    [Adam replies: ] Youre cerebration too much. Just bang the aperture shut. Bold its not a toy breed, its not traveling to annihilate him. If it is a toy breed, accumulate your duke on the aperture and adviser it shut. The abstraction is that the aperture slams on the dog not to abuse the dog, but to be afflictive so that he waits and watches you for the absolution command afore walking through. You are the alpha dog. You airing through first. It is your job to create abiding its safe for him to leave the property, and he needs to attending to you for the Its Accept cue. If you dont accord the A-okay cue then bad things could happen. Like the aperture alofasudden slamming shut. Anytime sit on a bedraggled armchair and ruin a apple-pie brace of slacks? Already it happens to you, youll consistently analysis first. Its the aforementioned abstraction with the dog.

    To apprehend added of my dog training ramblings, apprehend about my book (click below):

    Secrets of a Able Dog Trainer!



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