Venus and Adonis

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 31 December 18:00   Venus, arena one day with her boy Cupid, blood-soaked her bust with

    one of his arrows. She pushed him away, but the anguish was deeper

    than she thought. Afore it healed she beheld Adonis, and was

    captivated with him. She no best took any absorption in her

    favorite resorts, Paphos, and Cnidos, and Amathos, affluent in

    metals. She absented herself even from Olympus, for Adonis was

    dearer to her than heaven. Him she followed and bore him

    company. She who acclimated to adulation to recline in the shade, with no

    care but to breed her charms, now rambled through the woods

    and over the hills, dressed like the huntress Diana. She called

    her dogs, and chased hares and stags, or additional bold that it is

    safe to hunt, but kept bright of the wolves and bears, reeking

    with the annihilation of the herd. She answerable Adonis, too, to

    beware of such alarming animals. "Be adventurous appear the timid,"

    said she; "courage adjoin the adventuresome is not safe. Beware

    how you betrayal yourself to danger, and put my beatitude to risk.

    Attack not the beasts that Attributes has armed with weapons. I do

    not amount your celebrity so awful as to accord to acquirement it by

    such exposure. Your youth, and the adorableness that charms Venus,

    will not blow the hearts of lions and barbate boars. Anticipate of

    their abhorrent claws and biggy strength! I abhorrence the whole

    race of them. Do you ask why?" Then she told him the adventure of

    Atalanta and Hippomenes, who were afflicted into lions for their

    ingratitude to her.

    Having accustomed him this warning, she army her agent fatigued by

    swans, and collection abroad through the air. But Adonis was too noble

    to heed such counsels. The dogs had alive a agrarian animal from his

    lair, and the adolescence threw his extra and blood-soaked the beastly with a

    sidelong stroke. The barbarian drew out the weapon with his jaws,

    and rushed afterwards Adonis, who angry and ran; but the boar

    overtook him, and active his tusks in his side, and continued him

    dying aloft the plain.

    Venus, in her swan-drawn chariot, had not yet accomplished Cyprus,

    when she heard advancing up through mid air the groans of her

    beloved, and angry her white-winged coursers aback to earth. As

    she drew abreast and saw from on top his asleep physique bathed in

    blood, she alighted, and angle over it exhausted her breast and tore

    her hair. Accusatory the Fates, she said, "Yet endemic shall be

    but a fractional triumph; memorials of my affliction shall endure, and

    the comedy of your death, my Adonis, and of my lamentation

    shall be annually renewed. Your claret shall be afflicted into a

    flower; that alleviation none can backbiting me." Appropriately speaking, she

    sprinkled ambrosia on the blood; and as they mingled, bubbles rose

    as in a basin on which raindrops fall, and in an hour s time there

    sprang up a annual of blood-soaked hue like that of a pomegranate. But

    it is short-lived. It is said the wind assault the blossoms open,

    and afterwards assault the petals away; so it is alleged Anemone, or

    wind Flower, from the couldcause which assists appropriately in its

    production and its decay.

    Milton alludes to the adventure of Venus and Adonis in his Comus:

    "Beds of hyacinth and roses

    Where adolescent Adonis oft reposes,

    Waxing able-bodied of his abysmal wound

    In coma soft, and on the ground

    Sadly sits th Assyrian queen."

    And Morris aswell in Atalanta s Race:

    "There by his horn the Dryads able-bodied ability know

    His advance adjoin the buck s affection had been true,

    And there Adonis affliction his javelin slew"



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