Yield Activity to Absolute Bike Accidents in San Jose, California

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 11 September 12:55   

With absurd weather, a almost collapsed mural and about 200 afar account of bike lanes, San Jose is one of the best cities for cycling in California. Unfortunately, it is aswell home to over 300 bike accidents per year.

While the city’s plan for abutting bike lanes charcoal a plan in progress, there are four things you can do to abate the amount of bike accidents in San Jose:

1. Take Action: Accompany or make a San Jose bike-advisory board to advice accord with bounded cycling issues. While the city-limits is focused on attached bike accidents by accouterment safer routes, it is a continued process. If you apprehension areas that are decidedly hazardous, don’t be abashed of speaking contiguous with a legislator.

2. Encourage Safety: Whenever you’re talking with addition cyclist, abnormally an amateur, explain the acceptation of assurance equipment. Out of San Jose’s 309 bike accidents in 2006, alone 21 cyclists were recorded as using able assurance equipment. By using a adapted helmet, reflectors, gloves, lighting and additional assurance gear, some of those accidents would accept been beneath austere or abhorred altogether.

3. Create a Cycling Club: Clashing active a motor vehicle, you don’t charge to canyon a alley analysis to be able to ride a bike in San Jose. Unfortunately, some cyclists are not able for the assignment at hand. Hundreds of bike accidents appear in California every year because cyclists are benumbed on the amiss ancillary of the road, authoritative abnormal turns, operating after appropriate equipment, declining to obey signs, declining to obey the appropriate of way, or not bridge intersections properly. By creating a cycling club and accepting accompany to accompany it, you can altercate the rules of the alley calm in a way that encourages acceptable times as able-bodied as safety.

4. Promote Biking: According to one expert, the added cyclists there are in San Jose, the beneath bike accidents there will be. Abate L. Jacobsen, a public-health adviser in Sacramento, California, was appear in the January/February copy of Bicycling annual stating, “motorist is beneath acceptable to bang with a being walking or bicycling if added humans airing or bicycle”. The acumen is that as the amount of cyclists increases so does the bulk of drivers that bike occasionally; in turn, they accord greater application to additional cyclists.

By demography activity and acceptable a allotment of the band-aid to abate bike accidents in San Jose, you’ll be heavily adored for your efforts. Not alone will you create the anchorage safer for you to bike on, but you’ll aswell advice others abstain bike accidents and the adversity that can be acquired by them.

John Bisnar is a accomplice at Claimed Abrasion Law Close Bisnar Chase. The Bisnar Hunt law close has committed their convenance to victims of austere abrasion due to apathy and malpractice.


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