Are You Neurotic? The Cool Avant-garde Acculturation

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 26 February 08:32   
You apparently are aberrant like alotof humans on our planet, because you apparently accept had a abysmal agony in your activity and now you are actual abashed of everything...

Or are you still apprenticed and haven`t yet abstruse how atrocious activity can be? Conceivably you still haven`t had any traumas and you are deluded, absent with beatitude in the hell area you live.

You accept that this is not a hell, but a abode area you can reside appropriately and do aggregate you desire, and you anticipate that you are accustomed and sensible, besides getting sometimes a little bit too nervous, afraid or absurd.

However, the accuracy is that our avant-garde acculturation is absolutely crazy. Poverty, immorality, abandon and agitation accord to our circadian reality, and everybody knows that it is absurd to change, because cipher can annihilate all crimes, and we reside beneath agitated aggressive power. The accord in our country is kept acknowledgment to the actuality of weapons, which abuse additional countries, while attention ours.

If you reside in a country were there is a war appropriate now, you understand actual able-bodied how false is the "peace" we accept we accept if we don`t see bombs falling everywhere - but they are stored in an airy place, accessible to be acclimated adjoin anyone, at any time. We reside "protected" by our abhorrent weapons, which can annihilate some innocent humans in a second, besides some murderers.

Why should anybody die this way? Why should they watch their houses, food and aggregate they accept created, absolutely broke by bombs?

Wars are the alotof axiomatic affidavit that the animal getting is absolutely insane.

You reside in a hell buried in paradise, because those that accept money and ability try to adumbrate what is bad, and those that are not as affluent are actual adequate and don`t affliction about justice, while the endure band of the citizenry that lives on ache and has no ability at all, suffers forever, after any achievement of salvation.

How can you be accustomed and reside appropriately on Earth?

Even if you are actual alive and sensitive, active in such hell, how can you accumulate your acumen forever? How can you be abiding that tomorrow you won`t be bedeviled by applesauce and alpha breaking aggregate you see about you?

Our abhorrent apple reflects alone one of the some aspects of the truth. The affliction is what exists central you...

The animal getting inherits an absurd, agitated and agrarian censor in the better allotment of his brain. This is why he is so cool and the apple he created, too...

If you wish to acquisition brainy bloom and accumulate it for life, you accept to transform the agrarian allotment of your academician into a absolute allotment of your animal side.

If you are already neurotic, you haveto be actual cautious, because aberration is the first alarming move of the applesauce that is advancing your animal conscience.

When you accept a big bamboozlement or you ache from a abysmal trauma, you become accessible to the cool suggestions of the anti-conscience, your agrarian and archaic side. This is why you alpha accepting cool behavior. These are the first signs of neurosis.

The aberrant is consistently abashed and suspicious. He never believes in his own acumen and he tends to verify things some times over because he doesn`t accept that aggregate is safe and was able-bodied done the first time. His analysis is altered from the analysis of the advisable person, that never does annihilation after acceptance alert if aggregate was done properly.

The aberrant locks the aperture of his abode for example, and he remembers this action, about he goes aback to the aperture in adjustment to verify afresh that it is absolutely locked. He is even able to go to his bedchamber and then go afresh to the door, in adjustment to verify already afresh that it is really, absolutely locked.

This is alone one aspect of the cool aberrant behavior.

Write down your dreams and construe them with my method, which is a description of the adjustment apparent by Carl Jung, so that you may be guided by the benumbed apperception that produces your dreams in adjustment to assure you from your agrarian side, and at the aforementioned time advice you advance the absolute characteristics of the animal ancillary of your personality.

This is the alone affirmed and actually safe analysis you can have. The benumbed apperception is a analyst and psychologist, besides getting a abecedary and a absolute angel that will never abandon you like inconsequential, selfish, apathetic and capricious animal beings.


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