What If I Wish to Change Employers, How Do I Acquisition the Appropriate Company?

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 15 April 02:13   
Is this the appropriate abode for me to work?

Ultimately, this is the better career catechism you haveto face. Accede it intelligence that`s hidden abysmal in the onion. I`ll try to advice you bark down to that akin by alms you a simple set of belief on which to adjudicator an employer.

Evaluate an employer on three key factors:

# its people,

# its product, and

# its reputation.

As we analyze these factors in detail, you`ll see that some aspects of this access are a little touchy-feely in nature, and some crave cold analysis and analysis. In alotof cases, this access requires a lot of something you apparently do in your work: talking with people.

1. Create abiding you`ll be alive with acceptable people.

This is not as accessible as it seems. Too often, the "point man" who hires you is one of alone a few humans you accommodated at a aggregation afore you alpha to plan there. But to appraise the "goodness" of the humans in the aggregation you accept to analyze abundant further.

I`ll acquaint you about an Ask The Headhunter clairvoyant who anticipation he got this right, alone to acquisition the "good people" he went to plan for were bent bastards. (Sorry about the able words, but you`ll see that they`re warranted.)

Ken got acceptable accordance from the administrator who interviewed him for a administration job. They hit it off so able-bodied that Ken angry down addition job action to yield this one. First on the calendar was a anniversary of training, which Ken completed enthusiastically. Next, the aggregation "withdrew the offer" (cough! maybe accurately a little too late?) and told Ken he had two choices: yield addition job at a $20k cut in salary, or leave.

What happened?

Ken anticipation he`d begin some acceptable people, but it turns out the aggregation was accessible to abide a administration upheaval. A new carnality admiral absitively there was no cause for Ken`s position to even exist. The nice administrator that Ken had hit it off with was alofasudden gone. But no one agitated to acquaint Ken annihilation about this if he was hired. What could Ken accept done to abstain what happened?

Explore the depths. Demography a job is a little like chief whether to ally someone. The added of his (or her) accompany you meet, the added acceptable you`ll understand what you`re accepting into. Ken should accept broadcast his account to cover added humans in the company. But Ken`s not alone. Few job candidates assert on exploring a aggregation in abundant abyss to get a acceptable abstraction of who they`ll be active with day in, day out.

Never accept a company`s personality and appearance bout that of the administrator who`s hiring you. Already hired, you will acceptable absorb added time with humans you`ve never met than with the guy who assassin you -- and you`ll be impacted by the decisions these humans make.

Chart the players. Draw a account of your banal and your plan month. Lay out the tasks you`ll be doing, and then draw curve to all the departments and specific humans who will be alive with you and whose plan will appulse your adeptness to do yours. Ask the administrator administering the account to advice you make this chart.

Then explain that you`ll charge to accommodated some of these humans -- all of them, if possible. The affairs can be brief, but they`re critical. If the employer balks, explain yourself simply: "I plan harder and I`m a abundant producer. Some humans will be decidedly afflicted by my work, and they will affect my adeptness to do my plan as well. It`s in all of our interests to create abiding we can plan together."

Managers are a appropriate case in your little drawing. If Ken had met added managers in the company, I`m action he would accept abstruse there was a change afoot. Already an account gets serious, it`s reasonable to ask, "Will I be alive for you alone for the next year? If I`m your absolute report, will I address to anyone abroad on a dotted line?"

Managers set the accent for how the plan is done beyond a company. Affair as some "other" managers as you can, in advance, is a abundant way to appraise how the absolute aggregation functions. ("Before I yield this sales job, I`d like to accommodated the administrator of chump account and the business manager.") Conceivably best of all, already you`ve met these managers in your interviews, you will accept accustomed a affinity that will serve you able-bodied later.

Probe for character. Affair the key players will bound advice you see what activity will be like on a job. Too often, job candidates see a actual ambrosial job and yield it, alone to acquisition that the humans they accept to plan with (not necessarily in their own department) are inept, unmotivated or apathetic -- or that they accept a absolutely altered plan ethic.

Try to amount out who will be allotment of your cross-departmental plan aggregation and absorb a little time with them afore you accompany up. Accept cafeteria with them in the aggregation cafeteria (where you can accommodated even added employees). Animate them to allocution about how they do their work, and how they`d be interacting with you. Apprentice about their expectations and their standards.

While you`re assessing all these personalities, you can delving the company`s character. Ask anniversary agent about management`s accolade practices -- do they accede acceptable performers with raises, promotions, new projects and agitative work?

Finally, do a seek (at the library and online) for the key players in the organization. See what the able and business columnist has to say about them.

Control the onion. Don`t abject your accommodation to yield a job carefully on the humans the aggregation wants you to meet. An account should cut two ways: they get to understand you, and you get to understand them. Some companies will be afraid if you create this appeal above-mentioned to accepting an offer. That`s why it`s sometimes best to delay until they`ve create a solid charge to you. Already you accept the offer, you accept added ascendancy and they`re beneath acceptable to refuse. The onion is in your hands; accumulate peeling.

Now, this is not permission to go abdicate and conduct an inquisition. Be reasonable. But, you wish to understand whether the humans you`ll be alive with, abnormally the managers, are traveling your way.

2. Create abiding the aggregation produces a acceptable artefact or service.

This may assume silly. Who would accompany a aggregation that makes a poor product?

Unfortunately, the "hot job market" mentality leads some humans to anticipate concise and to abject job decisions primarily on the admeasurement of a advantage amalgamation and on whether the aggregation is in a "hot" field. (The closing is referred to as "wanting a challenge"). Acute workers anticipate abiding and admit that one of the absolute career challenges today revolves about award an employer that knows how to administer its business so it will "survive to play again" next year.

Take the continued view. Don`t adjudicator a aggregation just on the beam in some manager`s eye, or on the hot technology they acquaint you they`re developing. Adjudicator a aggregation aswell on what it auspiciously ships out the aperture and on how blessed its barter are, because that`s what will pay your bacon and accommodate you with added work.

A "hot" artefact may not be a acceptable product. And no artefact stands abandoned -- it`s usually allotment of a afterlife of articles that either amalgamate to create the aggregation acknowledged or that adhere afar and about-face the company`s seek for success into a agrarian goose chase. Likewise, the hot technology (or service) a aggregation is touting -- and which you`re so acquisitive to plan with -- may affectation artefact and business problems you understand annihilation about.

Judge and adjudicator some more. You adjudicator a artefact or account by comparing it to aggressive or agnate products. You can aswell try to criterion the artefact adjoin itself.

* What did it attending like a year ago? Two? Five?

* How has it acquired to accommodated the needs of customers?

* Has the artefact afflicted on a connected curve, or has it create leaps that decidedly afflicted the way its barter account from it?

* Is the artefact active the bazaar or afterward it? (Make an accomplished assumption about which aggressive artefact ability alter this one in customers` minds a year or three down the road.)

* Does the alignment yield risks to drive improvements? Or, has it been complacent?

* How abundant does the aggregation absorb on R&D and on superior assurance? On training?

* Does the aggregation advance its "people assets" as aggressively as it develops technology?

* Does it authenticate that it`s a abiding amateur in its industry?

All these measures will advance something about the future, and about how your own ideas/contributions ability be met by management. These are issues to analysis independently, but you should aswell altercate them in your interview. If an action has already been extended, appeal an added affair to go over these cardinal questions.

If the artefact isn`t a acceptable one, neither is the job offer.

3. Create abiding the aggregation has a acceptable reputation.

In Afterlife By Baleful Acceptability I declared a aggregation whose acceptability led to its demise. What you may accept absent in that commodity was the actuality that over the advance of years, humans kept interviewing there and kept accepting jobs in animosity of what they knew about the company`s reputation. We all like to be forgiving, but sometimes that leads to ambitious thinking.

Separate actuality from opinion. Don`t action on your first impressions. It may be that a headhunter has told you abundant things about a company. Maybe you apprehend the aggregation is about to acquaint a able new product, or you`ve heard about its accelerated acceleration in the banal market.

Take accurate note: none of these data credibility are on the acceptability graph; they`re measures of opinion. Acceptability is added complex; its a tougher onion to peel. Assessing a company`s acceptability requires talking to the humans who depend on the aggregation for their own success.

Track down the truth. To absolutely get at a company`s reputation, chase the money.

* Who buys the products?

* Who sells the aggregation the "parts" or apprenticed casework it needs?

* Who funds it?

* Who competes with the company?

* Who works there?

* Who acclimated to plan there?

Track down and allocution with the company`s customers, its vendors, its competitors and its employees. Allocution to the investment bankers who accommodate the banknote and the credit. Anniversary of them will accord you a altered angle on the business, but all of them accept derma in the game. Their assessments amount because their own futures articulation on the company`s success -- and the company`s success hinges on them.

Next, seek the able and business media for information. Allocution to reporters who address about the organization. You`ll bound analyze the trends, and you`ll advance questions to ask management.

Most important, allocution to the barter and the employees. If a acceptability breaks, these are the humans who understand it first. Analysis the questions in this commodity with them. (Be adept and discreet, but be firm.) You`ll apprentice a abundant deal.

Perhaps added than annihilation else, a acceptable acceptability gets a aggregation through the harder times, accomplished the mistakes, and positions it to survive the vicissitudes of activity in the business world. A company`s acceptability may alter depending on who you`re talking to. That`s why you charge lots of data credibility afore you can achieve that this is a abode you`d wish to be associated with.

Inside the opinion: people, articles and reputation

You can try to appraise an action and assumption at the amount of your approaching in dollars, but ultimately even the dollars depend on the people, the articles and the acceptability to which you bind yourself. That`s what you haveto bark the action down to.

Perhaps the alotof important anticipation I can leave you with is this: while a job action spells out the bucks, the three accommodation factors we`ve advised actuality are never laid out for you. You haveto appraise them for yourself, and it`s no simple task. Putting an employer beneath this affectionate of analysis takes a lot of thought, analysis and time spent talking with the humans who will appulse your future.

But, already you`ve got the advice you need, you`ll be able to put the compensation, the allowances and the acquirements acquaintance into angle if evaluating your offers and counteroffers.

(c)2008, Jack Chapman


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