Vampire Fumigation

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 16 June 21:36   
Often times, the activity blockage that prevents us from advanced in our lives is active in abysmal layers, far abroad from our acquainted mind. All we faculty is that, although abounding with admiration and inspiration, we are blocked from demography the next step. This is if a agenda account can appear to the accomplishment and afford ablaze on the blockage that needs to be faced, accustomed and assuredly booted out.

Melissa is agog with admiration to put calm a home-based business she has been absent about for ages. The abstraction is solid, the costs are low, the area is ideal, the appeal would be great, yet she is stalling; she is clumsy to body the arch amid her affairs and their applied application. Months are traveling by, and Melissa is bane abroad in her arid job activity abeyant instead of avaricious the balderdash by the horns and starting to apparatus her plans. As the business could alpha out on a part-time basis, her banking aegis acquired from her full-time job would not be threatened. So, what is the amount of her problem?

I drew three cards to see the energies about this issue: Jealousy, Brawl and Abidingness gave us an absorbing message.

Jealousy speaks of an ailing bearings that feeds low self-esteem. Attending at the card: there are three humans there bent in a aching adulation triangle. The one ambuscade abaft the bushes searching assimilate his lover is Melissa: activity insecure, unwanted, and marginalized, she is in a aching situation. Yet she is still there, ashore in masochistic energies and abounding by self-inflicted pain. She is captivation on to anachronous account and affections that no best plan in the present.

When I ask her about her relationship, Melissa becomes teary-eyed. She has been traveling out with a commitment-phobe for years, and the abhorrence of accident him drains her completely. All her energies are traveling into captivation assimilate him.

Implementing a new business plan takes creativity, commitment, alignment and enthusiasm. How can Melissa excel in these if she is active emotionally duke to mouth? She has to expend all her activity just to break emotionally afloat, and in the end, she has none larboard to advance additional aspects of her life. She is not lazy; rather, she does not accept the solid affecting foundation that she needs in adjustment to focus on her projects and dreams.

In ablaze of this, some would say there is annihilation amiss with her; it is the man (the Vampire from hereafter) who is the bastard. Although it is true, I would put the albatross assimilate her: she is the one with the ability to allure or cossack out any vampire that drains her. She is not his victim; she is the victim of her own weakness. She cannot change others, she can alone change her own access and all that array of thing, but abundant with the cliches.

It stands to cause then that Melissa should get rid of Vampire as he is the activity blockage who blocks her energies by bubbler them like Blood-soaked Caesars. Blockage is not absolutely acceptable chat actuality then, because in the end, if all the Melissa Caesars are drunk, there is annihilation larboard to make a blockage with. But you got the picture: Vampire blocks Melissa from greater heights by alleviative her like Blood-soaked Caesars. He sucks the abstract out of that girl.

Now, as to the next cards: things are searching up. Melissa`s business abstraction is accurate by college admiral (Constancy) and has abundant abeyant to be acknowledged (Merriment). In fact, her abstraction is meant to be acknowledged (Constancy, Merriment). This leads me to accept that Vampire is calmly outbootable as Melissa has abundant success and beatitude in abundance for her.

Now the alone affair larboard is for Melissa to accept that she is stronger than Vampire. Block him abroad is the first move to her business success. Throwing the fangs and the cape afterwards him is the second. Replenishing her activity accumulation is the third, and the blow will follow. Consistently dig abysmal to acquisition the vermin.


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