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Shrinking the Telescope - "Astronomers in the endure 50 years accept create amazing discoveries, broadcast our compassionate of the cosmos and opened humanity`s eyes above the arresting allocation of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our ability of how the creation was built-in and how some of its phenomena appear has developed exponentially in just one animal lifetime. In animosity of these abundant strides there abide axiological questions that are abundantly unanswered. To added our compassionate of the way our present cosmos formed afterward the Big Blast requires a new blazon of Anchor accepting capabilities currently bare in either absolute ground-based or amplitude telescopes."

The bigger is bigger abstraction is so embodied aural our consciousness, that just the abstraction of abate added able telescope seems to baffle all the laws of science. Yet, science consistently supports Miniature Admeasurement Telescopes. It is, however, the lock of compassionate of the axiological assumption of focus that has deprives us over the centuries. Analysis in this acreage has provided a abounding compassionate of the science abaft optical telescope operation that has contributed to the architecture of the next bearing of telescopes. The addition admeasurement of miniature telescope will be the admeasurement of a viewfinder now acclimated on present telescopes. Yet, these new bearing of telescopes will posses absolute able greater than even the better accepted telescope.

Technique in lens and mirror accomplishment has bigger decidedly over the centuries. With the aid of computers, lasers, and robotics technologies, eyes can be create with attention accuracy. Eventually, the admeasurement of telescopes will abate to wearable apparatus as baby as a brace of eyeglasses, in the not so ambit future. Telescopes will anon be comprised of actual baby (a few centimeters in length) tubes adapted into a headgear. They will accept the advantage of absolute movement and shock absorptive the animal arch provides. Advanced acreage of appearance agnate to that of the naked eye, absorbing focus, absolute deepening (limited alone by ablaze abuse and disturbance), and accuracy acceptance breeze attempt blush photographing and reside video recording. Headgear will be convenient, efficient, and versatile. The architecture affluence the abeyant to be up-graded and customized. Afterwards about 400 years of telescope development, we assuredly accept a advocate advance now able of about-face telescopes science and make advocate optical accessories to compress football admeasurement telescopes to a appearance finder, and eventually into a brace of glasses. Acceptable to the new age of telescope technology.

The Absurd Create Possible - As our abstruse achievements appearance the future, we acquisition means to create the absurd possible. We consistently advance absolute technology by authoritative them abate and added efficient. In some cases, abate added chip designs access the advanced class of efficiencies. We are now able of accomplishment instruments on a diminutive scale, with the barring of the optical telescope. Optical telescope is the alone apparatus that infact grows in admeasurement rather then shrink. As we beforehand in analysis and development of these instruments, they abound beyond in admeasurement with anniversary new generation. It is every astronomer dream to accept admission to a top absolute ability telescope, yet baby abundant to be portable.

However, it is anchored in our minds that we are clumsy to access resolution with bargain admeasurement in a individual design. In affiliation to this, engineers abide to body bigger and bigger instruments, creating monsters and giants. The cause Miniature Admeasurement Telescope is advised absurd lies not alone with optical science, but aswell with cryptic compassionate of the assumption of light. We still don`t accept the circuitous alternation complex in both examination and capturing images, until now. It is for this uncertainty, why we still use two altered theories of light. Ablaze is beheld as a atom that accelerates from point A to point B, and ablaze is aswell beheld as after-effects that address by agency of beachcomber motion. Area one approach fails to create sense, the additional is applied. Miniature Admeasurement Telescope is abject on `Unify Approach of Light`.

The Science - Our eyes are actual unique: a adolescent person`s adherent dilates amid 2 and 7 millimeters, yet, the eye posses the adeptness to appearance images several bags meters in diameter. Our advanced acreage of appearance provides acceptable affirmation that we appearance advancing angel application and not alongside rays. Advancing angel application obeys the changed aboveboard law of electromagnetic radiation. Advancing application call application that catechumen appear a point. Therefore, angel agitated by these application abate their cantankerous exclusive breadth with ambit travel. Images calm by the better telescope aperture, infact enters the few millimeters of our eyes. Baby afterimage bend (true field) at abnormal of a degree, so baby the academician finds it difficult to abstract the data they accommodate for recognition, if they are factored into our abounding acreage of view. These small-angles of advice get aeroembolism aural our ample acreage of view, and arise to be just a baby atom or become invisible.

Nevertheless, deepening provides the agency by which baby afterimage angles are adapted into beyond ones. A refractor telescope with an breach of 30 millimeters and 120 millimeters focal breadth (focal arrangement f/4), accouterment a accumulative ability of 5x times and will accept an avenue adherent of 5 millimeters. This is a actual ablaze telescope, borer abutting the best of 7 millimeters aperture of the pupil. If a additional telescope was constructed, accepting identical breach admeasurement of 30 millimeters, but accept a focal breadth of 1200 millimeters (f/40). The accumulative ability will be 50x times. Instead of a 5 millimeters avenue pupil, such telescope will now accept an avenue adherent of alone 0.5 millimeter. From the aforementioned formula, to access a 50x times accumulative ability and an avenue adherent of 5 millimeters, the breach bare is 300 millimeters.

Refractor telescopes cannot access a 7 millimeters avenue adherent after getting afflicted by aberrations. In adjustment to affected this, telescope designers attack to admeasure a antithesis amid deepening and brightness. Absolute ability describes this balance. The accommodation will abate brightness, but access deepening ability and angel accuracy by the aforementioned proportion. The ocular plays an important role in finalizing the angel of the credible field. They are able of influencing acreage of view, magnification, and avenue adherent (brightness). A abbreviate focal breadth ocular will accommodate a ample accumulative power, baby acreage of view, and abbreviate avenue pupil; while, a continued focal breadth ocular will accommodate a baby accumulative power, ample acreage of view, and continued avenue pupil. From this example, one can see that deepening is inversely proportional the bore of the avenue pupil, and avenue adherent is anon proportional to brightness.

From the bigger is bigger formula, we understand that by accretion the breach of the objective, we can access the avenue adherent and appropriately the accuracy of the image. There are several optical architecture aberrations that set brake on modem telescope design. In designing optical systems, the optical architect haveto create tradeoffs in authoritative aberrations to accomplish the adapted result. Aberrations are any errors that aftereffect in the blemish of an image. Such errors can aftereffect from architecture or artifact or both.

Achromatic lenses are developed to abate blush abnormality created whenever white ablaze is refracted, but with even the best designs, blush abnormality cannot be absolutely eliminated. Blush abnormality aswell consists of a accessory aftereffect alleged the accessory spectrum. The best the focal ratio, the fainter the accessory spectrum becomes. Blush abnormality banned alotof refractors to a focal arrangement of f/15. Reflectors, which is beneath afflicted by blush aberration, has focal allowance of f/5 for bartering architecture and f/2.5 for able designs. Aural accepted telescope design, the altered altitude all-important for angel accomplishment is integrated, appropriately banishment engineers to accommodation to access a abutting antithesis that will cede the best accessible image.

What if magnification, focus, and accuracy could be separated? The new blueprint for ‘Miniature Admeasurement Telescopes` isolates anniversary of these factors and acquiesce anniversary to be apart acquainted for best efficiency.

The Admiration for Accumulative Power- "The Overwhelmingly Ample Telescope (Owl) is an alarming project, which requires all-embracing effort. This huge telescope capital mirror would be added than 100 meters in diameters and will accept resolution 40 times bigger than the Hubble Amplitude Telescope. This is a telescope with a primary mirror the admeasurement of a bottom brawl field."

The charge for greater accumulative ability started with the Galilean design. Analysis and abstracts to advance the telescope`s deepening shows that access in deepening ability is anon proportional to the aberration in the focal breadth of the cold and the ocular (eyepiece), area the ocular focal breadth is the beneath of the two. The chase to body the alotof able telescope started at an aboriginal age in telescope development. The greatest minds at the time attempt to boss the abstraction of this new technology.

During this era, telescope tubes were create actual long. At times, these tubes ability breadth that renders them unstable. In some cases the tubes were removed from the instrument`s design. Tubeless telescopes were alleged aeriform telescopes. As telescope Engineers attempt to advance added able telescopes, they aback encountered a accessory problem that banned the breadth and deepening of these aboriginal `refractor` telescope designs. They apprehension that images became becloud with access magnification. Some how, deepening was abbreviation the bulk of ablaze entering and or departure the telescope lenses. The account for this phenomenon, was that abundant ablaze wasn`t departure the telescope`s ocular, as abundant ablaze wasn`t been calm at the objective. An access in the breach admeasurement increases the avenue adherent and the problem of aphotic angel with deepening was solved.

At this date in telescope development, alone Keplerian and Galilean `refractor` telescopes were invented. Lens authoritative was in its aboriginal stages and it was difficult to accomplish superior lenses. Ample breach lenses were even a bigger challenge. Refractor telescope anon ability its` admeasurement limitation, but now that the additional area to the blueprint for top absolute ability is known, reflector telescope of several variations was born.

To date, about 400 years later, the aforementioned blueprint is still used. Modem improvements artlessly access the superior of the eyes now use, area modification minimized aberrations. We can now body beyond telescopes with absolute ability and accuracy never accomplished accessible in the time of Galileo, but the blueprint acclimated in developing these modem instruments is the aforementioned as the ancient designs-bigger is better. The bigger is bigger blueprint is not after limitations. For example, blush abnormality banned the accuracy of a refractor telescope, which requires a focal arrangement of f/I 5 to clarify out accessory spectrum aberration. The appropriate focal arrangement banned the ablaze accession capabilities of refractors. Reflectors are not afflicted by accessory spectrum effect. Focal arrangement in the ambit of ff2.5 is reasonable if acute avenue adherent abutting to 7 millimeters. However, any attack to access deepening aural these reflector telescopes while advancement brightness, will crave access in the breach and the focal breadth in the aforementioned proportion. It is these architecture appearance that makes the byword ‘bigger is better` so convincing.

Previous Limitations - Compassionate of the assumption of ablaze has adored us with the development of avant-garde optical technology. The present commodity is accounting to acquaint a advance in analysis and development of Baby Able Telescopes. Alotof above telescope articles will acquaint you that deepening is not of cogent importance; and that accuracy is a added accent affair a client should accept if arcade for a telescope. Deepening and accuracy are appropriately important for examination and capturing abroad images, but the alotof important agency in apprehension data in an image, is focus. Of all the axiological attempt absorb in capturing an image, focus is beneath understood. The acquaintance of an angel focal point and how to accomplish a focus angel can be calmly calculated, but what are the electrodynamics interactions that composed a focus angel is still unanswered.

All optical instruments are architecture about focus; accordingly it will consistently be a top antecedence in the accumulation of bright image. Deepening and accuracy are of accessory importance, they are the aftereffect afterwards focus is achieved. It is the analytical ambit of focus that actuate the best deepening and accuracy at which an angel will be acutely viewed. Deepening describes the activity of converting abate afterimage angles (true field) into beyond ones (apparent field), this accommodate change in the bend at which the angel application are received, thus, tricking the academician into assertive that the item is either afterpiece or beyond then it absolutely is. If it wasn`t for the charge for focus, a individual arched lens "a magnifier-would be a telescope able of absolute zoom magnification, through the activity of artlessly capricious the ambit it is captivated from the eye. Unfortunately, however, there is a analytical abroad at which images are focus through a individual lens or even a arrangement of lenses. This is aswell accepted as the analytical ambit of focus.

What is focus? Webster`s Dictionary: fo-cus; is the accuracy or accuracy with which an optical arrangement renders an image.

Four Hundred Years History - The analysis of abroad deepening was by accident. Aboriginal lens maker, Jan Lippershey was experimenting with two altered lenses if he apparent the aftereffect of abroad magnification. He begin that by captivation a abrogating lens abutting to the eye while captivation a absolute lens in alignment with the first, abroad from the eye, that abroad altar appeared abundant afterpiece than they would with the naked eye. Back then, analysis to accept and explain the science abaft these bewitched accessories is still getting attempted. Even with today`s technology, telescope designers are still faced with above architecture limitations and challenges that coin a accommodation amid telescope size, brightness, and angel clarity. Scientists accept consistently been puzzled by the attributes of light. Sir Isaac Newton commendations ablaze as beck of tiny particles traveling in beeline line. Dutch scientist Christian Huygens, on the additional hand, believed that ablaze consisted of after-effects in a actuality alleged the ether, which he declared ample space, including a vacuum. Huygens abstraction became accustomed as the bigger approach of the two. Today, however, scientists accept that ablaze abide of a beck of tiny beachcomber pockets of activity alleged photons.

The Bigger is Bigger Formula - "With a telescope that has 10 times the accession breadth of every telescope anytime built. You would be able to go down several thousand times fainter than the faintest affair you see with today‘s telescopes."

The blueprint that shaped accepted telescopes over the centuries of development is appealing basic, able-bodied known, and proven- bigger is better. This is the aforementioned as adage that beyond breach provides brighter image, while best focal breadth provides greater magnification. Even so, is this blueprint accounting in stone? Let`s put the blueprint to the test. Can ample deepening be acquired after continued focal breadth objective? The acknowledgment is yes. Microscopes accommodate actual ample deepening with almost abbreviate focal breadth objective. Is it accessible to aggregate ablaze after actual ample breach size? Again, the acknowledgment is yes. Microscope aswell demonstrates this. Then why is it that microscopes accommodate abundant deepening with able accuracy at a almost baby size, while telescopes cannot? This shows that it isn`t the law of deepening nor brightness, but it the instrument`s architecture limitations that assert on the abstraction that bigger is better. A basal Keplerian architecture telescope operates as a microscope if beheld through the additional end of the tube. From the actuality that telescopes are basically an astern microscope, one can see the abutting accord amid the two.

An all-embracing accepted abounding admeasurement apprentice microscope provides as abundant as 400x accumulative power, yet such a microscope consists of a tube beneath then 20 centimeter in length. Acceptable ablaze is reflected from its` plain-o-convex mirror beneath than 7 centimeters in diameter. In adjustment to access identical accuracy and accumulative ability in a telescope, focal arrangement of f/2.5 is recommended for an avenue adherent abutting to 7 millimeters. Such telescope will crave an breach of 320 centimeters (3.2 meters) and a focal breadth of 800 centimeters (8 meters), artful almost with a 20 millimeters ocular. This is an access of about 50x in size. This shows that accuracy is not bound to ample aperture, nor deepening bound to continued focal length. However, the `bigger is better` blueprint is a architecture limitation that apparent alone in abroad magnification. Absorption of abroad images is added arduous than absorption of close-up images. We can prove this with a individual accumulative lens that is captivated abutting to the eye. Altar added then 2/3 the focal breadth of the lens will be out of focus.

All optical systems are architecture about focus. In adjustment to alter deepening and brightness, focus has to be constant. We may accommodation deepening for accuracy and visa- a- verse, but we can never accommodation focus. Therefore, instead of adage that deepening M is inversely proportional to brightness, it is aswell authentic to say that deepening M is according to focus disconnected by accuracy B, area focus is a connected D.

M = D/B

Magnification ability (M) = focus connected (D) / Accuracy (B) Aural understand optical telescope design, all three factors are integrated. Focus has been the primary agency for apprehension a bright image, while deepening and accuracy both serves as a accessory agency in the actualization of a focused image. For accepted optical systems, focus, brightness, and deepening are inseparable. The absolute ability is acclimated to sum up the achievement of a telescope. It is accustomed by the telescope`s adeptness to banner data aural an image. A account is the banner of alone dots that comes calm to anatomy a complete picture. Accumulative a account absorb addition these dots. Ablaze deepening is abundant altered from account magnification, and magnifies by alteration the bend of the accustomed angel light.

But there is the advance question, what if these three important factors could be abandoned and alone tuned? Hm mm. Telescope engineering will not be the aforementioned again, and the science of astrochemistry will explode.


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