How Do We Understand That If the Sun Goes Nova the Apparent of the Apple Will Burn?

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 19 November 12:29   
It is estimated that in 4.5 actor years or so our Sun will go to a nova and that agency it will aggrandize to a point that will beset the Earth`s orbit, and therefore, it will bake the apple up. Able-bodied not actually, but it will bake the apparent of the planet as per the theory, and even abscess off all the oceans of the world. Activity as we understand it will cease to exist. At atomic that is what the approach tells us, about maybe we charge a contrarian view.

Did you understand that if you add activity to an atom, the electrons anon move out to a added orbit? Who is to say that the forerunner after-effects cutting off from the Sun if it goes nova will not advance the apple out into a added orbit? Meaning, the apple will not bake up, abiding the temperature may change, and the accident will couldcause a huge acting problem for our atmosphere, but all breed may not die off, abnormally those that reside underground for the alotof allotment during this event.

Of course, all this is predicated on Earth`s all-embracing activity not advancing to an end afore the next 4.5 Billion years. In fact, there could be 10 or even 100 of contest causing abreast afterlife to all activity on the planet during such a all-inclusive aeon of time. And apprehend these comments are not to say that atom physics and all-embracing astrochemistry are the same, we understand that they aren`t. But we do understand that some things are similar, and from an empiric standpoint they generally attending the aforementioned alone on a altered scale.

Now accepting aback to atom physics; if you yield the activity abroad from an atom the electrons go aback to their aboriginal orbit. And who is to say that the Earth`s apogee will not do the same? The accuracy is we don`t understand and aggregate abroad is speculation, including all the accepted theories.

Until we beam planets getting austere up as additional Suns that are our admeasurement go nova, and until we are able attestant planets our size, next to Suns our admeasurement at the aforementioned ambit to one another, to appearance during such event, and accept accordant up abutting data of such a planet`s atmospheres and surface, we cannot understand all of this advice for sure.

So conceivably we charge to amend that approach and accede alternating theories of what ability happen. For all we understand the apple could be beatific out to a abode that would couldcause it to freeze, rather than bake up, which is something I`ve never heard discussed. Amuse accede all this.


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