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Create a Bog Garden in a Garden Pot - How to Make a Bog Garden in 5 Simple Accomplish

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 23 January 12:05   
If you accept a alarming wet application in your garden , and this is generally the case if your bounded clay is a abundant clay, you could consistently about-face it into a bit of a bog garden .The furnishings can be absolutely lovely.Due to the affluence of water, the plants consistently attending so lush, blooming and about healthy.

If the anticipation of a abounding admeasurement bog garden seems a bit above your capabilities, and you adorned aggravating your duke at something a little added downsized, how about a bog garden in a pot?

There is a huge ambit of pots accessible theses days, to clothing all address of tastes, styles and budgets so you`re abiding to acquisition something that you like.

Creating a bog garden in a pot makes it so abundant added adaptable.You can change the area of them, put them on a balcony, and if you adorned a change, you can just replant the pot with additional things.

Follow these simple accomplish to get started.


  1. Choose a ample alembic to abode your bog garden.It doesn`t charge arising holes, but if there is aperture already there, get a big analogous saucer to go beneath that will advice the baptize sit there.

  2. Half ample the pot with compost.Regular potting admixture will be fine, as it`s a acceptable mix that already has lots of fibre incorporated.

  3. Hopefully you`ve accumulated your plants afore you started, so now`s the time to get planting.Just like with bedding plants, affluence them from their pots and angle them on the admixture in the pot to get a feel for how they will attending at the end.Do any ambiguity annular that you charge to and create abiding that you accept some abstraction of how top the accurate plants will grow.Make abiding the taller one go at the back.This will accommodate a nice accomplishments for the others.It consistently looks nice to accept a abaft bulb or two at the front, depending on the admeasurement of the pot.

  4. Plant the plants adequately abutting together, this emphasises the blooming and abundant theme.If you accept any gaps, baptize in so dust and this will aswell advice anticipate the dehydration of the water.


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