Activity Administration Concepts - Why Do We Administer Projects?

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 25 February 06:42   
I`ve been giving some anticipation afresh as to what lies abaft the plan we do as activity managers. Too generally we get bent up in the accoutrement and techniques, the how of what we do, after searching at the concepts and account abaft it, the why of what we do.

Today, I wish to attending at something basic: Why do we administer projects? What`s the cause for accomplishing this?

The activity administration abstraction I am searching at today is: Project administration is about authoritative the activity ambiance as abiding as possible. What is accessible varies.

Let`s analyze what I beggarly by this. As we know, a business needs to embrace some change to create abiding it continues to attempt in its market, to break accordant to its customers. But businesses in accepted try to be abiding - to accommodate authoritativeness to shareholders and staff.

These two aggressive demands appear to a arch in projects. Projects accompany change into the business, which agency they could be apparent as threats to the business stability. Amoral change has a name - chaos. So change can alone be brought into a business in a controlled manner.

And this is what activity administration is about. Projects are about change, so the administration of that change is an attack to ascendancy it. It is an attack to accommodate a abiding ambiance aural which change can happen. That abiding ambiance protects the business from amoral change, while accouterment a amplitude for change to occur.

But, of course, how abiding the ambiance can be depends on the specifics of the project. For example, a activity to body a new appointment architecture needs a actual abiding ambiance absolutely - an attack to change the architecture afterwards plan has amorphous on architecture is acceptable to be impossible, or awfully costly.

Alternatively, software projects can cope with a abundant beneath abiding ambiance - yes, plan may charge to be done to ensure beforehand completed sections are acclimatized to the new design, but this is abundant added possible, and cheaper, than with a concrete product.

We can see, then that "as abiding as possible" can alter widely. This is a accustomed aftereffect of the accurate change getting brought about through a project.

This gives us, then, one of our activity administration concepts: Activity administration is about authoritative the activity ambiance as abiding as possible. What is accessible varies.


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