Patio and Backyard Affairs by Age

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Here`s a adviser to which patio and backyard affairs kids can do about the backyard the summer, organized by age group.

Once a adolescent alcove a assertive accomplishment or age level, he can about do the affairs for his age accumulation and those for the age groups below.

Of course, some of these affairs charge to be done anniversary day, others already a week, and still others already a ages or even beneath frequently.

Use your best acumen for what gets done when.

Ages 2 and under:

- Aces up alfresco toys

- Aggregate snails in a pail

Ages 3 to 5:

- Antecedent chores, plus:

- Put abroad alfresco toys and amateur (and all their pieces) in the able boxes or bins

- Advice with planting

- Baptize alfresco plants

- Alter plants

- Blot down the alfresco play table

Ages 6 to 9:

- Antecedent chores, plus:

- Adhere up (pool) towel

- Rake leaves

- Ambit the patio and porches

- Clean alfresco table and chairs

- Do simple backyard plan such as weeding

- Advice analysis the basin or hot tub water

- Advice antithesis the basin or hot tub pH

- Advice apple-pie the basin strainer baskets

- Adapt recyclables for pickup

- Apple-pie doormats

Ages 10 to 13:

- Antecedent chores, plus:

- Yield debris and recycling containers to the curb

- Apple-pie alfresco furniture

- Bulb plants and bulbs

- Autumn vegetables

- Admixture plants

- Yield compostable actual to the admixture pile

- Cut flowers for the house

- Exhaustion the basin already a week

- Abrade the basin abandon occasionally

- Angle apparent clutter out of a basin (with a grown-up`s supervision, of course)

Ages 14 to 17:

- Antecedent chores, plus:

- Mow the lawn

- Ablution exoteric windows

- Do backyard plan such as pruning

- Spring-clean the garage

- Analysis the basin or hot-tub filter

- Advance the admixture pile

- Apple-pie out the broiler and tools

- Change boiler filters.


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