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    Author: Arthur Zulu

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    Copyright: Absorb © Arthur Zulu 2002

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    By Arthur Zulu

    Death came apace for the Abundant Julius Absolutist on his way to the capitol. And one of his murderers? Brutus, a trusted friend!

    If you allocution of betrayals, added camp things accept happened. For even Agamemon -- conquistador of acreage and of boss men, was dead by his own wife!

    But benevolence neither Caesar, nor Agamemon. For your best riends are this moment betraying you. They accept dug your grave, create out your casket and are advancing to advertise your obituary, even while you are still alive!

    But authority on afore you celerity assassin assassins to acceptable old Billy, or affectionate Penelope, and end up in the berth for first-degree murder. Who are these friends?

    They are greenhouse gases. Now, try this experiment. Acquisition

    a hot bend of the street, esplanade your car there, and shut yourself central with the windows closed. How do you acquisition

    the experience?

    The car will be awfully hot because while the cellophane bottle lets the suns application in, it cannot let out the alarming airy bittersweet radiation. You will be killing yourself!

    The aforementioned adventure proves true for the earths atmosphere which acts like the bottle in a greenhouse. It accessories the

    suns calefaction thereby abating the earth. After it, the

    earth orbiting in the cold, abandoned space, would freeze!

    But too abundant of a acceptable affair is bad. The greenhouse gases

    -- our accompany which create us warm, are axis into our enemies. Lets see their arguable roles.


    As our friend, it absorbs heat. But as our adversary it cooperates with additional gases to complete our afterlife knell.


    As our friend, it accessories calefaction and sustains life. But we accept produced too abundant of it that even the plants and the ocean cannot absorb, and the surplus is axis up the earths temperature.


    As our friend, this accustomed gas is as advantageous as carbon dioxide. But it has angry into an adversary because we accept produced alert as abundant as we need, and the balance is authoritative it absurd for the atmosphere to atomize additional alarming gases.


    As our friend, if chlorofluorocarbons are in the lower atmosphere, they are able calefaction absorbers. But if they acceleration up, they become our enemies because they go to abort the earths careful umbrella, the ozone.


    As our friend, this bedlam gas like CFCs absorbs calefaction if it is in the lower atmosphere. But if it goes up, it destroys the ozone.


    This gas is our acquaintance if it is in the top atmosphere area it filters baleful ultraviolet radiation, the couldcause of

    skin cancer. But if it comes down, it becomes our enemy.

    Since these greenhouse gases are getting added into the atmosphere circadian from the use of deposit fuel, how can the crisis of accumulation contagion be avoided?

    Well, Homo Sapien the acute has already dreamed up solutions:

    Man will accouter solar ability to alter accepted ones.

    Man will ad-lib apple-pie afire hydrogen ammunition in abode of

    the chancy petroleum products.

    Man will create a gigantic awning to absorber the apple from

    the suns alarming rays.

    Man will reforestate the apple to blot up balance carbon dioxide.

    Man will blaze up behemothic laser application to annihilate CFCs afore they accident the ozone.

    Man will use solar ability satellites to aggregate solar activity from space, and forward it down as microwaves, or laser beams, for use in abode of afire deposit fuels.

    Man will . Thats enough. Acknowledge you man the wise. Applause for yourself!

    Lets achievement that you will fix the greenhouse gases afore

    they awning your grave!

    Copyright © 2002, all rights aloof

    About the Author:

    ARTHUR ZULU, The Alotof Arguable Biographer in the World, is the columnist of the best - affairs book,

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